TNA Sacrifice 2014 PPV Results: Eric Young Retains!

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Courtesy of Impact

Courtesy of Impact

[Show: TNA Sacrifice/ Location: Orlando, Florida]

Welcome to TNA Sacrifice, we are shown a video package of our main event between Magnus and EY.

Before the Match, Eddie Edwards announces that this match will be a no DQ match.

No DQ TNA Tag Title Match: Robbie E DJ Z and Jessie (c) vs. The Wolves

A huge brawl kicks off the match, The Wolves hits a head take over on the Bro-Mans, they send them to the floor, but the Bro-Mans go for a clothesline, but are dumped to the floor. The Wolves send Zema Ion over the top rope onto the champions. The Wolves hit a suicide dive onto the outside on the champions. Back in the ring, The Wolves hit a double elbow to DJ Z. Then Eddie hits a superkick on Jessie. Robbie breaks up the pin attempt and they corner him. He kicks the Wolves, but it does nothing to them. They fight back with chops to the chest, while Robbie is hurdled in the corner. Eddie hits a running knee to the face of Robbie. Eddie goes for a powerbomb, but DJ Z hits Eddie from behind with a laptop. They send Davey into the barricade and change their focus to Eddie. Jessie lands a series of right hands to Edwards, and then hits a big power slam. Robbie tagged in and hits an elbow drop off the top rope for a near fall. The Bro-Mans beat down Edwards for a few moments until Edwards makes his comeback. Edwards fights out of a bear hug, he hits a back suplex and tags in Davey Richards,  but wait DJ Z knocks Richards off the apron and can’t get the tag. They beatdown Edwards while on the floor. Back in the ring, Edwards hits a double head takeover on the Bro-Mans, he then hits an enziguri on DJ Z. Davey tagged in and clears house, Richards hits a dropkick on DJ Z. Richards goes to the top rope, he hits a double dropkick on DJ Z and Jessie. Richards runs into an elbow shot by DJ Z. DJ accidently hits Jessie with the laptop and the Wolves go to the top rope, they hit a double foot stomp for the win.

Winners and new tag team champions :The Wolves in 10:15

JB is in the back, he plugs twitter hashtags and then shows off the fan that the committed match will be finished with. He always does a quick interview with Sam Shaw about his upcoming match.

Committed Match: Ken Anderson vs. Samuel Shaw

Anderson chases Shaw, but Shaw avoids him and hides behind Christy Hemme. Finally Anderson gets his hands on Shaw, Anderson sends Shaw into the ring. Anderson throws Shaw into the corner and then a back body drop. Anderson clotheslines Shaw to the floor, Shaw sends Anderson face first into the ring apron. Anderson gets on the apron, Shaw goes for a spear, but Anderson moves. Shaw goes for his choke submission out of nowhere and Anderson passes out. Shaw goes after Christy Hemme, she slaps him and runs away. Anderson out of nowhere makes the save. He nails a series of clotheslines and then a neck breaker on Shaw. Sam rolls to the floor and walks up the ramp. Anderson hits a rolling senton on the ramp. Anderson hits Shaw in the back with a steel chair. Anderson and Shaw fight to the back, Anderson grabs a microphone and says he is about to take Shaw to the funny farm. He suplexes Shaw on a rolling car and sends it into a gear box. Anderson is checking out the committed vehicle, but Shaw nails him from behind. Christy tries to calm him down, and nails him in the nuts. Anderson throws Shaw into the van and wins the match.

Winner: Anderson at 10:21.

Rockstar Spud and EC3 do a pretty funny backstage interview about the following match.

Willow and Kurt Angle vs. Ethan Carter III and Rockstar Spud

Kurt Angle and EC3 start things off, however EC3 thinks better and tags in Spud. Angle tells EC3 to get into the ring and EC3 is hesitatent. EC3 comes in, but ducks out to waste all of our time. Angle gets on all four so EC3 can do something, angle with a series of takedowns and goes for the ankle lock. EC3 tags in Spud. Willow jumps off the top rope with the umbrella to take out Spud and EC3. Angle hits a belly to belly suplex on EC3. Back in the ring, Spud runs into an elbow of willows. Willow hits a whisper in the wind on Spud. He hits went for the twist of fate, but eC3 clotheslines Willow. EC3 hits a suplex on Willow, and follows it up with a splash in the corner. They control the action until Willow fights back. He tags in Kurt Angle who clears house. Angle locks in the ankle lock, but Spud breaks it up. Angle hits a belly to belly and locks in the ankle lock. EC3 takes out the legs of Angle, he goes for something, but Willow knocks him down. He hits a dropkick to the face of EC3. Willow sends EC3 to the floor and he and Angle switches their attention to Spud. Willow with the twist of fate and Angle hits the ankle lock. Willow hits the Swanton bomb for the win.

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