TNA Sacrifice Preview: Championship Matches

TNA Sacrifice is an eight match card. There are four grudge matches, which you can preview here, and four championship matches. You can see the full card here.

Here is a preview for each of the championship matches:

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match: Eric Young (c) vs. Magnus

Andrew’s Take: Even though TNA gave away what could have been a pay-per-view quality main event between Eric Young and Magnus, we are going to get the rematch between the two. Eric Young could be the next Daniel Bryan, but why is TNA going to copy WWE when they could make their own storylines? The chances of Eric Young losing are not good if you are an Eric Young hater. Magnus had his time and now it is Eric Young’s time. I see Eric Young retaining his title and continuing this feud at Slammiversary.

Andrew’s Prediction: Eric Young retains

Mike’s Take: Eric Young is just not the face of a company. He’s not Daniel Bryan, if he compares to anybody in WWE, it’s Santino Marella. I like EY and I think he could sell the underdog act that Bryan has perfected, but that takes time to build, and he needs a heel authority figure that’s as good as Triple H, and that guy doesn’t exist right now. EY’s title win was a desperate attempt to get people talking, and it worked, but not much of that talk was positive. I’ve been begging for TNA to give Magnus a clean win in his title defenses, but I don’t care how much they have him cheat, I just hope they right this wrong and Magnus walks out with the title, even though I know that won’t happen.

Mike’s Prediction: Eric Young retains

Knockouts Championship Match: Madison Rayne (c) vs. Angelina Love

Andrew’s Take: The Beautiful People are back together and now they have they have their eyes on the prize. Rayne has dominated the Knockouts Division, and with the recent bad blood between Love and Rayne, it looks like we will be crowning a new Knockouts Champion.

Andrew’s Prediction: Angelina Love wins the title

Mike’s Take: I think we got a preview for this match on Thursday, when Madison Rayne teamed with Gail Kim against The Beautiful People. If you missed it, Rayne and Angelina Love were the legal participants, but Rayne got distracted by Velvet Sky, and Love rolled her up for the win. I think Sky plays a huge role in this match, as The Beautiful People reign (no pun intended) over the Knockouts Division, again.

Mike’s Prediction: Angelina Love wins the title

X Division Championship (Match 3 in Best of 3 Series): Sanada (c) vs Tigre Uno

Andrew’s Take: They put on good matches if given the time. The problem is that the fans have no reason to care about these two. TNA needs to put more story time into these two characters rather than just matches, matches and more matches. It’s a coin flip on who wins therefore, I will go with Uno.

Andrew’s Prediction: Tigre Uno wins the title

Mike’s Take: TNA needs to find a new way to try and make these guys interesting. The videos of Sanada are good, but the language barrier seems to be taking most fans out of it, even with the subtitles. I think this is setup for Tigre Uno to win. I think this feud is coming to an end, and both of these guys will be matched up with heels. These guys need that in order to make their feuds matter.

Mike’s Prediction: Tigre Uno wins the title

Tag Team Championship (Handicap Match): The BroMans (c) Vs. The Wolves

Andrew’s Take: We are going to see these two teams face each other for the 10th time this year and it is getting old. The Bro-Mans are entertaining and finally catching on in the eyes of the fans. However since making their (Wolves) debut, they have gotten cold fast. I am afraid they will put the titles on the Wolves, instead of keeping the gold on the champions who are hot right now.

Andrew’s Prediction: The Wolves win the title

Mike’s Take: I know I’ve said this before, but, The Wolves are the best tag team on the planet. The tag team division in WWE is one of the most inconsistent parts of the company, TNA could have the upper-hand in that area if they give The Wolves the title and start building up some tag teams for them to feud with. I think Sanada and Tigre Uno made a good tag team in the few matches they tried that out, Beer Money could be reuniting, and The BroMans should be sticking around, so TNA has some options. I’ve been impressed with how good The BroMans were as champions, but this should be the end of that, and they should get away from the title for a little while. Zema Ion will be in this match with Robbie E and Jessie, I just hope he’s not the man who gets pinned.

Mike’s Prediction: The Wolves win the title

So, we both agree on all four title matches, and we both have three titles changing hands. The only champion we have retaining their title would be Eric Young.

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