WWE Raw (4/28) Results: Go-Home Show For Extreme Rules

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Courtesy of WWE.com

Courtesy of WWE.com

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…”

Welcome to WWE Monday Night Raw, we are live from Saint Louis, MO. We get a video package of Bray Wyatt – John Cena from last week. John Cena comes out to the ring that has a steel cage around it. He says why? Why? Why did the fans vote for him to face the Wyatt Family? The WWE Universe voted for him to have no chance to beat the Wyatt Family as he was in a handicap match. He said almost ten years ago in ST Louis, he was drafted to Raw, he said that night he heard the loudest ovation ever. Time has changed, everyone has changed. He has had some good and bad nights, but through everything he has always put the WWE first. He says he sees greatness for the younger guys in the locker room, he even lists guys down in NXT. They do it for all of us. He says that Bray Wyatt is a dangerous man and not like them. This Sunday at Extreme Rules, the Wyatt Family can’t interfere and Bray Wyatt’s message can’t escape. The Wyatt Family interrupts and a little girl is singing the whole world in his hands. When the light comes on, a bunch of kids are on the stage singing. Lights go out and here comes Bray Wyatt. He sings with the kids while making his way to the ring. The kids surround the ring and the lights go out. They then are wearing masks as the lights go up and Cena is in shock. Very cool scene.

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Tag Team Title Match: The Usos © Vs. Ryback & Curtis Axel

Axel and Jimmy start things off, They trade chops to the chest, Jimmy with a shoulder block for a near fall. Ryback tagged in, Jimmy slaps the big guy, but runs into a big knee. Ryback with a power slam and calls him stupid. Ryback misses the big splash and Jey tagged in, they send Ryback and Axel to the floor and then hits a big outside dive taking out the challengers.

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We’re back and Axel nails an elbow drop off the top rope onto one of the uses. Axel has Jey in an arm lock as Jimmy is being looked at by a doctor at ringside. Jey fights out of it, but gets nailed by a big knee shot to the face. Ryback nails a big power slam for a near fall. Ryback puts Jey on the top rope and Axel helps him, they try to suplex him off the top rope, but Jey fights them off. He gets down and tries to tag his bro. Jimmy gets the hot tag, he nails a Crossbody for a near fall. Jimmy? Jey? No one knows, USO with a Samoan drop on Axel. He hits a splash in the corner on Axel, he goes for a pin attempt but only for a 2 count. Ryback tagged in and nails a spine buster for a near fall. Ryback goes for the meat hook clothesline, but runs into a big super kick for a near fall. Ryback nails another clothesline on the Usos. He hits the shell shock, but Usos reverses it for a near fall. Ryback with clubbing right hands to the back of Uso. Uso hits  a superkick on Ryback and then Axel goes for a suplex and hits it. However, when he is down, the other Uso hits a splash off the top rope onto Axel for the win.

Winners and still champs: The Usos in 11: 54.

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Cesaro and Paul Heyman are shown talking in the back about RVD being on the bad side of Heyman.

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Titus O’Neal jumps Sheamus from behind before their match even starts. The referee makes sure Sheamus is alright and the match starts

O’Neal Vs. Sheamus

O’Neal jumps all over Sheamus as soon as the bell rings. Sheamus nails the Brogue kick out of nowhere for the win.

Winner: Sheamus in 40 seconds

More hype about Hugh Jackman being on Raw tonight…

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Dolph Ziggler is in the ring, he says that the superstars return to the big screen. He hypes up the newest X-men movie, and we actually see a movie trailer that I don’t care about. Jackman comes out to the ring, he hypes his movie and Monday night Raw. Ziggie brings up and shows Hugh Jackman punching Ziggler. They bury the hatch until Damien Sandow comes out as a superhero (WTF) He is the Magneto costume. They make fun of him and the commentary laugh their asses off. This segment ends with Jackman hitting a hip toss and Ziggler nailing the zig zag. Yup…

The Smackdown rebound video package is shown.

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Heyman says that he is a funny guy, but gets booed out of the building. He tells a joke and that is Brock Lesnar beat the streak at WrestleMania 30.

Cesaro Vs. Jack Swagger

Cesaro with a big power slam to kick off this match, but Swagger  rolls out of the ring. Cesaro with a big boot to Swagger, he goes to the top rope and hits a double ax off the top rope. Swagger  sends Cesaro into the barricade and then back into the ring for a near fall. Swagger with a big clothesline for a near fall. On the outside, Heyman grabs the beard of Colter and that distracts Swagger  long enough to have Cesaro roll up Swagger for the win.

Winner: Cesaro

Cody Rhodes Vs. Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio attacks Rhodes from behind, Cody fires back with right hands. However Del Rio  hits a snap suplex for a near fall. Cody with a suplex of his own and then nails an arm toss. Del Rio with a right hand, he hits a suplex for a near fall. Del Rio  locks in a headlock, but Cody fights out with right hands. Cody hits a dropkick on Del Rio, he misses a clothesline and Del Rio hits a backbreaker for a near fall. Cody goes for a spring board move, but blocked. Del Rio with the arm bar for the win.

Winner: Del Rio

After the match, Cody Rhode’s is frustrated and walks to the back all mad.

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Rusev will take on R-Truth and Xavier Woods at Extreme Rules this Sunday.

Alexander Rusev Vs. Xavier Woods

Rusev is like a bear, he stalks his victims, does some poses, hits some signature moves, but this time R-Truth attacks Rusev causing the DQ. Lana talks him down and walks him to the back. Thanks for coming.

Winner and still apple pie eating champion: Rusev via DQ

RVD does a quick promo about Wade Barrett in the back. Zeb Colter says that they should team up and take out a common problem. RVD says no and Colter has a sweet mustache. Common folks i have to entertain myself at some point right?

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Los Matadores vs. Heath Slater and Drew McIntyre

Everything falls apart and Jinder Mahal gets gored on the floor. Slater actually gets the win for his team.

Winners: 3MB

– After the match, Torito springboards out and takes 3MB down.

Stephanie McMahon orders Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella come out to the ring. However, they come out to the stage. He said he almost believed that she wanted Kane to stop, but everyone knows that she is full of crap. She needs him to understand that HHH and she never wanted him to be WWE champion. They did everything they could to stop that, he cuts her off and says how do they think when they were doing all the bad things to him. She knows that he could do everything on his own. Stephanie says that she just wanted to give Bryan a credible challenger at Extreme Rules. She knows how Brie Bella feels. She is so sorry for everything that she did to him. He still thinks she is full of crap, but she wants him to come down to the ring and see otherwise. He says he will still see a liar and at a snap of her fingers she can have Kane attack him. He says that he is hurt, but he has never given up and this Sunday he will not give up. He promises that if Kane is taking him down, then Bryan is taking him with him. She has not seen Kane all night and his mask is in her office. She also makes a match for Brie Bella against Paige tonight for the Divas championship. Bryan says no, Stephanie says that he can come down to the ring and her match is now.

We see the mask gone from its case back in the back.

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Divas Title Match: Brie Bella Vs. Paige ©

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