TNA Impact Review: MVP Announces #1 Contender for Slammiversary

Bully Ray in a car

Bully told the camera that he is in Nashville, and he is on the hunt for Dixie Carter.

Eric Young and Bobby Roode promo

EY came out and make jokes about his mental instability and the Canadian Tuxedo he was wearing. He then said MVP wouldn’t book him in a title match tonight, so he had to do it himself, then he issued an Open Challenge, and Roode came out.

Roode ran down all the reasons he is better than EY, and he’s probably right, then he told EY he will challenge for the title. However, EY brought up last week, when EY defended the title against Roode. Roode admitted to his loss, but talked about the history that he and EY have, and said that they should do battle one more time for the belt, then stipulated he would never ask for a title match again if he lost. EY gave Roode the title match, as the two shook hands and had an intense staredown.

Eric Young and MVP backstage

MVP talked about EY’s match later tonight, and said he was impressed with him, but he called the match off because EY can’t book his own matches. MVP kind of snaps at EY and gets him to take some time off, then promised to give EY a Slammiversary opponent that he has never seen before.

The Beautiful People vs. Madison Rayne and Brittany in an Evening Gown Elimination Match

Brittany got some really good offense in, but The Beautiful People teamed up behind the referee’s back to eliminate her first. Madison was able to fend off both of The Beautiful People long enough to eliminate Velvet Sky, but Velvet returned wearing only a towel and flashed the referee, allowing Angelina Love to spray hairspray in Madison’s eyes and get the win. It’s really not fair to ask these women to wrestle in evening gowns, that’s not really what they’re made for.

Dixie Carter and Rockstar Spud at TNA Offices

Dixie was running out of the office, and Spud was trying to figure out where she was going. Dixie said she had a meeting, but Spud denied that fact and showed her her own itinerary. Dixie told Spud he doesn’t know everything, and then told him to make sure that Bully Ray doesn’t get in the building.

Bram and Magnus backstage

Bram revealed to Magnus that he met with MVP and signed a contract with TNA. He also booked Magnus in a match with Willow, and he wants Magnus to be his old self.

EC3 vs. Kurt Angle/Kurt Angle backstage

EC3 got the win after working Angle’s bad knee the whole match. Angle needed help leaving the arena. This angle is a result of a legitimate knee injury for Angle. Things are not looking good for Angle, but this is something that could have EC3 on the rise.

Angle was backstage talking to a doctor. Angle couldn’t put any weight on his leg and the doctor wanted to get him to a hospital very quickly.

MVP and Bobby Roode promo

MVP apologized for cancelling the Eric Young-Bobby Roode title match for later tonight. He said that things have to be done a little differently with him in charge. Roode came out and demanded that MVP let the match happen. Roode said there can’t be any handouts in this company, and Roode said that nothing’s been handed to him and he deserves this title match. MVP didn’t give it to him and was ready to walk away, but Roode grabbed him, and MVP tackled him and they started to brawl, but were broken up by security. Good work by these two guys. It sets up a match between these two, certainly not a title match for Roode.

Bully Ray and Rockstar Spud at TNA Offices

Bully started by terrorizing a secretary, like any good babyface. Then he attacked Spud, when Spud wouldn’t let him in the offices. Spud played the role of a yapping dog in this one, but he couldn’t stop Bully from entering Dixie’s office and calling the secretary and calling a big meeting.

Knux and Rebel backstage

Knux was doing fire tricks, and a forklift brought in a big box. Rebel asked what the box was for, and Knux called it “their home.”

Bobby Roode backstage

Security was escorting Roode out of the buidling, while Roode and Al Snow were yelling back-and-forth.

The Wolves vs. The BroMans in a ladder match for the TNA World Tag Team Championship

Both members of The Wolves grabbed a belt after suplexing DJ Zema Ion from the top of the ladder to the floor, on top of his BroMans partners. There was some really good tag team action between all four men at the beginning of this one. Good match. The BroMans need to leave the title picture now.

The Menagerie backstage

Knux and Rebel are clearly not on the same page, as far as Crazy Steve and The Freak go. Those two men debuted by emerging from the big box.

Rockstar Spud at TNA Offices

Spud walked into Dixie’s office with some tea for Bully, but was shocked to see Bully wasn’t in her office anymore. He called the secretary who told him that Bully was in a staff meeting.

Kazarian vs. Knux

The Menagerie had quite the entrance. If you didn’t see it, go do it now, because Rebel is…fun to watch.

As for the match, Knux won a pretty short match with a spinebuster.

Rockstar Spud and Bully Ray at TNA Offices

Spud walked into the staff meeting room, saw that Bully wasn’t there and started bad mouthing him to the staff. Bully then appeared behind him and told him to get two cases of beer.

Also, the entire staff was wearing “Bully fears Dixie” shirts. Nice Touch.

Gunner and Ken Anderson backstage

Gunner and Anderson were arguing about whether Sam Shaw or James Storm is more dangerous. The two end up deciding that they are both dangerous. Then Gunner seemed to plant some seeds for a more thorough back story to Shaw’s past when he asked Anderson why he thinks Shaw is the way he is.

Rockstar Spud and Bully Ray at TNA Offices

Spud showed up with more beer and found that Bully had turned Dixie’s mindless drones into party animals. Spud begged Bully to leave, and Bully said he would if Spud told him where Dixie is. Spud said he didn’t know, so Bully said he’d leave if Spud had a beer with him. Spud drank the beer, and while he did, Bully powerbombed him through a table. Bully then stole Spud’s phone and found Dixie’s address.

These segments were pretty good all night. I’m a huge fan of Spud, I think he’s hilarious. Bully is a really bad face, because he acts like a heel, but he was alright here. They did a good job of telling a story throughout the night, now we’ll have to see what happens next week.

Willow backstage/Willow vs. Magnus

Willow talked about his title loss to Magnus from when he was Jeff Hardy. He said “Magnus, I do not fear your reign, for I have an umbrella,” then he laughed maniacally.

The match ended in a DQ, when Bram threw Willow into the steps. Bram then handcuffed Willow to the bottom rope and beat him with a steel turnbuckle. Magnus watched on in disgust, then he left.

MVP and Eric Young backstage

MVP walked up to EY and said he would go through with his promise of naming the #1 Contender.

Kurt Angle at the doctor’s

The doctor told Angle that he would have to get surgery to repair a torn ACL, which is his real life injury.

MVP and Eric Young promo

MVP started out by really building up how tough and inspirational EY has been throughout his title run. MVP introduced the man who would face EY, then looked to the ramp, but nobody came out. MVP said that he they failed to play his music, so he would have to break it to him another way, before punching EY in the face. MVP then beat EY down and said “I’ll see you at Slammiversary.”

Overall Impression

This felt like the best show they have done in a while, but still had some “TNA moments.” The Menagerie is going to have to convince me that they are more than a bunch of crazy looking people. Rebel is a star though. I think they pulled the trigger on heel MVP a little too early, but we’ll see how things play out now in the leadup and fallout to Slammiversary.

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