The PG Era - A Far Cry From These Hardcore Times

Ok here I go on another slight tirade. The PG era sucks!
Now I could just end the article with that statement but no, I will fuel my own need to get this off my chest and hope that you will stay with me, so here it goes.

Exhibit A: Extreme Rules:

As we all saw, Extreme Rules was anything but extreme. I don’t know about you but when I watch this PPV I expect sledgehammers, 4×4’s wrapped in barbed wire and thumb tacks precariously placed around the ring. What we got, was a couple of kendo sticks and a crowbar.

But what’s that I hear you scream? ‘Kane set the table on fire that was pretty awesome.’

But did he really? Let’s take a look. (I apologize for the quality of the pictures as I had to snapshot on the ipad)


I’m sure many of you have already noticed the way Kane poured gas on the table, as we can clearly see he leaves a gap to fall onto. Now don’t get me wrong it’s obviously still pretty dangerous, but it’s a far cry from back in the day. With that said, compare the above picture to this one:

This is poor old JR being set ablaze by the same demon, literally becoming the scolded dog he is so fond of. All I’m saying WWE is, if you’re not going to do it properly, just don’t do it all. Maybe it could be renamed ‘Slightly Extreme Rules?’


Exhibit B: Randy Orton’s Punt

When Randy Orton started punting people’s heads off, it was brilliant. Such a simple move but sadistic and effective, which is Randy Orton in a nutshell. So, when it was outlawed for superstars safety, we understood, however there was a collective groan from the WWE universe because it meant we had lost another great move.

Then low and behold, The Punt made a brief return unfortunately a shadow of its former self, Randy wasn’t even touching the victim. Not cool man, not cool. Again, I understand why it can’t be done, but if he’s not going to do it properly don’t do it at all.

Exhibit C: Head Shots ( Similar to Orton’s Punt )

This is a fricken chair shot:

(This video also reminds me how much I miss JR, ‘I think it just p*ssed him off!) See how I kept it PG?

I don’t think I need to say much about this example as we all know we haven’t seen a head shot like that in quite some time although Daniel Bryan came pretty close with said crowbar at extreme rules. All I’m saying WWE is if you’re not going to do it properly (yeah you guessed it) don’t do it at all.


Call this my farewell article if you will, I am taking some time to heal after a minor shoulder operation. Not that you should care and yes I know “man up!” But hopefully I will be back sooner rather than later to offer more of my unreasonable opinions.


Do you hate the PG Era as much as me? As always, whether you liked or hated the post, let me know why in the comments below.

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