WWE NXT Review: Tyler Breeze vs. Tyson Kidd vs. Sami Zayn in a #1 Contender's Match

The Ascension vs. Buddy Murphy and Elias Sampson/The Ascension and El Local and Kalisto promo

Konnor dominated Murphy, who took the Fall of Man and the pin.

Konnor grabbed a mic and said that they have beat every tag team in the NXT Universe, and Viktor asked for something new to destroy, and El Local and Kalisto came out. El Local said if they want something new, Kalisto and him are ready. He then gave the mic to Kalisto, who started a “Lucha” chant. At least El Local and Kalisto have some semblance of momentum going into this match, as opposed to the generic named opponents The Ascension usually get, which William Regal brought attention to on commentary.

Later in the episode, it was announced that El Local and Kalisto would challenge The Ascension for the NXT Tag Team Championship at NXT Takeover in two weeks.

Sami Zayn w/ Veronica Lane

Veronica asked Zayn how he felt about his chances going into the Triple Threat main event tonight. Zayn said that he tends to obsess over these kinds of things, like his feud with Cesaro, and his feud with Bo Dallas for the title, and this is becoming one of those things as the moment draws near. He said he recognizes how good Tyler Breeze and Tyson Kidd have been recently, and he’s ready for both of them.

Alexa Bliss vs. Charlotte in a second-round match for the NXT Women’s Championship Tournament

Charlotte got the win over Bliss with the Bow Down to the Queen. Decent match, but Bliss used way too man roll-up attempts. It made her look like she got really lucky last week, and that is part of the storyline, but she should be building off it, not going backwards, and that can be accomplished in a loss.

Charlotte will face either Sasha Banks or Natalya in the final match at NXT Takeover. The Banks-Natalya match will take place next week.

Footage shot by Tyler Breeze

A video of Breeze taken in selfie form had Breeze talking about becoming #1 Conender. He took shots at his opponents, and their shared homeland, Canada. He said that he will do whatever it takes to win, because “all is fair in love and Triple Threats.” This was hilarious.

Aiden English promo/Aiden English vs. Mojo Rawley

English sang about how lucky the NXT Universe is, because they get to see him. English is Sandow 2.0, and it’s amazing.

Rawley won with the Hyper Drive, and he showed some of the reasons why some football players can’t be wrestlers.

Tyson Kidd backstage

Kidd said he came back to NXT because he saw that former NXT stars like The Shield and The Wyatt Family are making the most noise on the main roster. He said he believes in second chances and he’s here to make the most out of his.

Angelo Dawkins vs. Big Cass

Big Cass got the win with the East River Crossing. Big Cass dominated most of this match, but he seems to be somewhat directionless ever since Enzo Amore got hurt.

Bo Dallas and JBL backstage

Bo brought GM JBL a bunch of letters from all his BO-lievers. He was pushing to enter the Triple Threat main event, but JBL said he couldn’t give him something he doesn’t deserve. He said if Bo wins his next match, he will earn a title shot. If Bo loses his next match, he’s out of NXT forever. JBL then told Bo that his next opponent would be Big E. This was very funny, as both the dynamics of both men seemed to work really well together.

Tyson Kidd vs. Tyler Breeze vs. Sami Zayn to determine the #1 Contender for the NXT Championship

Kidd won with a top rope elbow drop on Breeze, just before Zayn could break up the pin. This match came as advertised, all three men delivered a very entertaining match. This match alone is enough reason to watch this show.

Kidd will challenge Adrian Neville for the NXT Championship at Takeover.

Overall Impression

Really good main event to go along with solid in-ring action all night. Some good promo work helped to build an entertaining show, as momentum builds for NXT as they head towards Takeover.

Now, in the words of Tyler Breeze, “Prince Pretty, out”

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