WWE Main Event Review: Cesaro vs. Mark Henry

Paul Heyman, Cesaro and Mark Henry promo

Heyman came out and mentioned Brock Lesnar’s win at WrestleMania, before introducing Cesaro. He built up Cesaro and referred to him as the strongest man in the world. Henry then came out and said that he is still the World’s Strongest Man, referring to Cesaro as “Swiss Miss”. Heyman assured Henry he meant no disrespect, and that Henry should feel good with second place, but that second place isn’t good enough for Cesaro, or any of Heyman’s guys. Henry ended up throwing Cesaro out of the ring and standing tall. It’s really time for Heyman to start working hard to transfer all that heat from Lesnar, over to Cesaro. He’s spent too much time focusing on Lesnar, and he’s starting to head down the same road as Curtis Axel and Ryback, which nobody wants.

Damien Sandow and R-Truth promo/Damien Sandow vs. R-Truth

Sandow came out as Sherlock Holmes and spoke with a British accent. R-Truth came out and cut a funny promo about all the characters Sandow has been recently, like Magneto, and how Sandow has been confusing him for a while now. He claimed that Sandow was seven colors short of a rainbow. This was a really funny promo for Truth; Sandow just confuses me.

Sandow got the win after a pretty long match with the Your Welcome. This is Sandow’s second televised win of the year and I’m not sure what it does for anybody. Sandow won a match that meant nothing, while Truth lost to a guy dressed as Sherlock Holmes.

Aksana vs. Naomi

Naomi won with the Rear-View. This was the first time these two were in the ring since Aksana broke Naomi’s orbital bone a few months ago. This was a decent match. I’m a huge fan of the Divas right now, I wish they’d get more attention paid to them.

Cesaro vs. Mark Henry

Henry came out for the match, but didn’t get one, as Heyman came out with a mic. Heyman and Cesaro walked to the ring while Heyman apologized for his words earlier in the night. Heyman than said that he felt that it wasn’t in anybody’s best interest to have a match, because the people want to find out who is stronger, and suggest an arm wrestling match. Henry quickly accepted and started prepping the announce table, while Heyman tried to backpeddle.

Eventually, Cesaro joined Henry at the announce table, but attacked him and buried him under the announce table before the arm wrestling match could start. I would expect that these two will either face on next week’s Raw, or Payback, as Cesaro continues his slow climb to the main event.

Overall Impression

This was a pretty slow show. Although, for the second straight week, Main Event revolved around Cesaro and Paul Heyman, and that’s pretty awesome.

Like last week, they had a promo at the beginning with Cesaro’s opponent for the night, then wrapped up the night with a match. While, Cesaro is viewed as a future main eventer, like Roman Reigns, he is not in a prominent feud right now, unlike Reigns. So seeing him get so much attention on a lower-tier show like Main Event is perfect, and I hope they continue to do this until after Money in the Bank, when Cesaro hopefully wins the briefcase.

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