NXT Takeover Review

Adam Rose vs. Camacho

After Camacho controlled most of the match, Rose had a quick comeback and hit the Party Foul for the win. There was a bit of comedy early on in this match, which might be something to look out for from Rose on the main roster. I think Rose is better suited as a comedy act on the main roster, but I’d rather see the guy get a chance first, you never know what will get over with people.

The Ascension vs. El Local and Kalisto for the NXT Tag Team Championship

Konnor got the pin on El Local after him and Viktor hit Fall of Man. This has to be the most competitive match The Ascension have had in months. The biggest problem in this match was El Local. As great as El Local and Kalisto were when they debuted a few weeks ago, El Local was completely off in everything he did in this match, and it hurt this match.

Sami Zayn vs. Tyler Breeze to determine the #1 Contender for the NXT Championship

Zayn went for the Heluva Kick, but Breeze ducked down to protect his face, causing an incidental low blow that the referee let slide. Breeze immediately followed up by hitting the Beauty Shot and pinning Zayn to become #1 contender. This was as awesome a match as I expected it to be.

Before the match, Zayn came out with a new Titan Tron set to new music, and I think that it’s the beginning of his transition to the main roster. Now, having lost this match and not being tied to a future match for the NXT Championship, it seems there is a very good chance that Zayn could have his first vignette debut this Monday on Raw.

Lana and Mojo Rawley promo

Lana compared Russia expanding their power across Europe to Rusev expanding his power across Raw and SmackDown. She referred to Rusev, who was holding a Russian flag, as ” The Iron Fist of Russia”.

Rawley then came out waving an American flag and talking about the USA doesn’t get hyped, the USA stays hyped. He said somebody needs to take Rusev out and he ran to the ring, only to be immediately kicked in the face. Rusev locked in The Accolade twice, once in the ring, once on the ramp, as he made quick work of Rawley.

William Regal said it best, “This is a wonderful country, you need somebody better to stand up for you next time.”

Paige promo/Charlotte vs. Natalya in the final round of the NXT Women’s Championship Tournament

Paige told the NXT Universe that it was great to be home, which they applauded greatly. She talked about all the attributes it takes to be NXT Women’s Championship and said that, as she’s proven, it can certainly lead to being Divas Champion. The best part of this promo was watching referee Charles Robinson holding the NXT Women’s Championship belt around his waist in the background.

After a long back-and-forth of Sharpshooters and Figure Fours, with both women using both submissions, Charlotte hit Bow Down to the Queen for the win. This match actually might have topped Sami Zayn-Tyler Breeze from before, it’s a serious tossup. Between this match, and Paige-Emma from Arrival, it is clear that focus will be put on the Divas in the future, and with matches like the two I just mentioned, they could certainly draw money.

Adrian Neville vs. Tyson Kidd for the NXT Championship

With Kidd on the top rope, Neville climbed up and hit a hurricanrana, sending Kidd all the way across the ring, and allowing Neville to climb up on the other turnbuckle and hit the Red Arrow for the win. This was a great match that showed how much both men are capable of.

Overall Impression

This show did what I didn’t think it could, it topped Arrival. Takeover was better than Arrival for one reason: while Arrival had a clear best match with Sami Zayn vs. Cesaro, second best match with Paige vs. Emma, and third best match with Adrian Neville vs. Bo Dallas, Takevoer had three great matches that all matched each other with Zayn vs. Tyler Breeze, Charlotte vs. Natalya, and Neville vs. Tyson Kidd. Those three matches thoroughly delivered. Every one of those matches tore the house down, and they rebuilt it just in time for the next match to tear it down again. Great, great show. Please watch if you haven’t already.

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