WWE Payback 2014 PPV Results: Cena Vs. Bray, Shield Vs. Evolution

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[Show: WWE Payback] [Location: Chicago, IL] [Date: 6/1/14] [Airing Live On The WWE Network]

Kickoff Show: (Hair vs. Mask) El Torito defeated Hornswoggle

Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…”

Welcome to WWE Payback, we are shown video packages on tonight’s key match ups.

Paul Heyman comes out to do a promo, a CM Punk chant breaks out and he says that he is watching the Chicago Blackhawks losing to the LA Kings.

WWE United States Title Match: Sheamus (c) vs. Cesaro

They go right after it, Sheamus with a clothesline then a running knee to the face. Cesaro reverses and hits a back suplex. Cesaro with a series of uppercuts. Cesaro with lefts and rights, Sheamus reverses and lands some of his own. Sheamus with a clothesline, he kicks him in the back and then hits a power slam. He misses an elbow drop and Cesaro puts a boot to his face. Cesaro with kicks and an uppercut to the jaw of Sheamus. He is thrown into the corner and Sheamus hits a front senton. Cesaro rolls to the apron, he uses the ropes to his advantage. He is back in the ring, Sheamus with a clothesline and sends him to the apron where he nails clubbing right hands to the chest of Cesaro. We go to the floor, Sheamus sends him into the barricade and back into the ring. Sheamus goes for clubbing right hands, but Cesaro blocks. Sheamus goes for a springboard move, but Cesaro lands an uppercut to Sheamus. Cesaro goes to the top rope with Sheamus, he hits a big suplex for a near fall. Cesaro hits an under arm power slam followed by a double stomp for a near fall. Cesaro with a big uppercut and then another one. However, he runs into a back breaker by Sheamus for a near fall. Sheamus puts the boots to Cesaro, he nails a clothesline. He goes to the top rope where he hits a knee drop and then goes for it again, he goes for a third, and covers him for a near fall. Cesaro with an uppercut for a near fall. Cesaro runs into a big boot by Sheamus, he does it again. Sheamus heads to the top rope where he jumps, but misses. Cesaro hits a big uppercut out of nowhere for a near fall. Cesaro with a bunch of slaps, but Sheamus nails a power slam for a near fall. Sheamus goes and misses the Brogue Kick, Cesaro with a german suplex for a near fall. He goes for neutralizer, but blocked. Sheamus hits white noise for a near fall. Sheamus goes for the cloverleaf, but blocked. He runs into an elbow. Cesaro comes off the top rope and Sheamus locks in the cloverleaf submission, but Cesaro gets to the ropes. Cesaro with elbows, he lifts him up and slams him down for a near fall. Cesaro hits the giant swing! 21 times I might add. He goes for the neutralizer, but Sheamus rolls him up for the win.

Winner and Still champ: Sheamus

Rhode Brothers Vs. Ryback & Curtis Axel

Goldie and Axel starts Raw off, I mean payback match. Goldie with a right hand, then a kick/ uppercut combo. He tags in Cody who hits an elbow off the top rope. Axel with a knee to the gut, he tags in Ryback. They double team him in the corner, Cody with a drop kick out of nowhere and tags in Goldie. They hit a dropkick/elbow combo. Ryback sends Goldie into their corner and tags in Axel who hits a running knee to the face for a near fall. Rybackaxel control the flow of the match until, Goldie hits a elbow out of nowhere to Ryback. Both teams get a tag and Cody gets the hot tag. Cody clears house, Ryback is now legal. Cody with a clothesline, uppercut and then a springboard dropkick. Cody drop kicks Axel out of mid air. Cody goes to the top rope where he hits a botched moonsault. Cody goes for disaster kick, but blocked. Ryback throws Cody into Goldie and finishes things off with the meat hook clothesline, but Goldie breaks it up. Goldie is sent to the floor and Cody rolls Ryback out of nowhere. Cody nails cross rhodes for a near fall as Axel saves the match. Axel sent to the floor, Cody misses disaster kick and Ryback hits shell shock for the win.

Winner: Rybackaxel.

After the match, Cody grabs the microphone. He says that Goldie needs a better tag team partner than he and walks to the back.

Lana does a quick promo about how the world laughs at the USA and not Russia.

Rusev Vs. Big E

They start brawling right off the bat, my feed goes out. I pick up with Rusev locking in the camel clutch for the win.

Winner: Rusev.

Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella are shown in the back talking.

Bo takes a shot a the Blackhawks losing.

Kofi Kingston Vs. Bo Dallas

Right as the match starts, Kane comes out. He goes after Kingston and beats him down. He sends Kingston out to the floor. Kane finishes the job with a chokeslam and a tombstone.

Winner: The Blackhawks with a 3-2 score at the end of the 1st period.

After Kane leaves, Bo Dallas says that Kofi will be back on his feet and better than ever if he bolieves. Inspiration!

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