WWE NXT Review: Adrian Neville vs. Justin Gabriel (Non-Title Match)

Mojo Rawley pre-taped promo/Aiden English promo/Mojo Rawley vs. Aiden English

Rawley admitted that Rusev knocked him down at NXT Takeover, but he said that he will pick himself up, just like America.

English came out and sang about Rawley’s failure last week, then about himself being the best man in NXT and WWE.

Rawley won a pretty short match with the Hyper Drive. I’m not a huge fan of Rawley, and I am a fan of English, but I will say that they both were pretty entertaining in this segment.

Natalya w/ Devin Taylor

Devin asked Natalya about Tyson Kidd’s attitude last week after his loss. Natalya said that she always has her husband back, and he’s just not handling his loss well. Taylor was really awkward in this interview, which is saying something because if anybody knows how to be involved in awkward interviews, it’s Natalya.

Bayley vs. Charlotte

After Summer Rae made her NXT return, Bayley tried to roll Charlotte up, but Charlotte rolled through and hit Bow Down to the Queen for the win. This was a really good match. Bayley’s character requires her to be silly most of the time, but she really got to show how good she is in this match.

After the match, The BFF’s continued to attack Bayley, but Paige and Emma made the save.

Jason Jordan and Tye Dillinger vs. Stuart Cumberland and Phillip Gooljar

Jordan picked up the win when he hit the Jordan Slam on Gooljar. Cumberland and Gooljar got a lot of offense in for two enhancement talents. Jordan and Dillinger are very good, and they’re only going to get better, especially as a team.

The BFF’s backstage

Summer Rae was hyping herself to Charlotte and Sasha Banks, but they weren’t really buying it. She said they don’t need the infamous sign, because she’s back. Summer then walked away, and Charlotte said “That’s what she thinks”. Signs of dissension from The BFF’s, they could be headed for a breakup. I’m not sure if Summer needs to be on NXT regularly anymore, that could be the reason for their breakup.

Tyler Breeze promo

Breeze came out and mocked Sami Zayn, talking about his win over Zayn last week. He then made fun of Adrian Neville, calling him “The Man Maybelline Forgot”.

He then introduced his new music video, which featured mostly filtered shots of him recording his new entrance song in the studio. Breeze is hilarious and the character is really clicking right now, both on the mic and in the ring.

Justin Gabriel vs. Adrian Neville/Tyson Kidd and Adrian Neville promo

This match was really good. Neville seems to work really well with other high-flyers, he proved it at Takeover against Tyson Kidd, and did so again here against Gabriel.

Kidd came out and showed remorse for his actions after his loss last week to Neville. He said he deserved to be mocked by the audience, and that he is honestly sorry for how he acted. He asked Neville for one more shot at the title, and Neville agreed as the two shook hands to end the show. After what they did at Takeover, WWE had to give us this match again. Hopefully, it’s just as awesome.

Overall Impression

Good show from NXT. It had some good wrap-up to Takeover, as well as moving forward to what the next set of storylines will be. Guys like Tyler Breeze and Adrian Neville proved that they are totally capable of carrying a show in this episode, one that didn’t feature Sami Zayn.

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