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Morning Report: Shane Helms Gives Advice To Released WWE Talent, SD Matches & More

– Former WWE Superstar Shane  Helms tweeted the following about Thursday’s WWE releases:

“To newly released talents, embrace your freedom. The Indy scene is on FIRE and is in fact home to the best wrestling in the world.” “The WWE is the biggest “stage” for pro wrestling but the “best” wrestling I’ve seen in the last years has been on the Indy’s. Good luck!!” “My point being, I know some of the guys might be a little scared and depressed but rest assured there’s life after WWE, I promise you.” “And that’s NOT a knock on WWE at all. But WWE is just one wrestling company, there’s plenty of other great wrestling out there.”

“Don’t forget that WWE just had a stock market nightmare recently. These releases don’t necessarily reflect anyone’s level of talent.”

– This week’s Friday night Smackdown was taped from Green Bay and here are the confirmed matches:

* Erick Rowan Vs. Jey Uso

* Bo Dallas Vs. R-Truth.

* Cesaro Vs. Sheamus in a non-title match.

* Adam Rose Vs. Fandango.

* Big E Vs. Jack Swagger.

* Alicia Fox Vs. Aksana.

– Here is today’s schedule on the WWE Network:

  • 12am EST – WWE NXT replay
  • 1am EST – WWE Superstars replay
  • 2am EST – WWE Main Event replay
  • 3am EST – RAW Flashback: 10/10/1994
  • 4am EST – RAW Flashback: 10/17/1994
  • 5am EST – ECW Hardcore TV: 6/28/1994
  • 6am EST – Old School: 10/20/1986 MSG event
  • 8:30am EST – RAW Backstage Pass replay
  • 9am EST – RAW Flashback: 10/17/1994
  • 10am EST – RAW Flashback: 10/24/1994
  • 11am EST – Best of SmackDown: 4/20/2000
  • 12:30pm EST – WWE Money In the Bank 2011
  • 3:30pm EST – Legends House replay
  • 4:30pm EST – WWE Superstars replay
  • 5:30pm EST – WWE NXT replay
  • 6:30pm EST – WWE Main Event replay
  • 7:30pm EST – SmackDown Pre-Show
  • 8pm EST – Legends of Wrestling: The Monday Night War
  • 9:30pm EST – WCW Clash of The Champions 14
  • 11:30pm EST – Legends of Wrestling: The Monday Night War

– Here is your pro wrestling history lesson of the day:

Former Million Dollar Champion Mike ‘Virgil/Vincent’ Jones turns 52 today.

One-time WWF Tag and Hardcore Champion Headbanger Thrasher turns 45 today.

Former WWF Intercontinental and Tag Champion Jacques ‘The Mountie’ Rougeau turns 54 today.

1982: ‘High Chief’ Peter Maivia lost his battle with cancer aged just 45.

1990: NWA Clash of the Champions XI: Coastal Crush was held at the McAllister Field House in Charleston, South Carolina. 4,100 were in attendance to see The Junkyard Dog defeated Ric Flair via DQ (Flair retains the NWA World Title)

1993: The very first WWF King of the Ring PPV was held at the Nutter Center, in Dayton, Ohio. 6,500 were in attendance to see Bret Hart won the King of the Ring Tournament, defeating Bam Bam Bigelow in the final. This also marked the final appearance in the WWF for Hulk Hogan.

1999: WCW’s The Great American Bash was held at the Baltimore Arena, in Baltimore, Maryland. 11,672 were in attendance to see Kevin Nash defeated Randy Savage via DQ to retain the WCW World Title.

2002: NWA-TNA announced plans to debut the X-Division title.

2004: The final WWE Bad Blood event was held at the Nationwide Arena, in Columbus, Ohio. 9,000 were in attendance to see Triple H defeated Shawn Michaels in a Hell In A Cell Match.

2006: Paul Heyman awards the revived ECW World Title to Rob Van Dam.

2006: ECW airs on Syfy for the first time. This also marked the debut of Kelly Kelly.

2009: Austin Aries defeated Jerry Lynn, & Tyler Black in a 3-Way Elimination Match to win the ROH World Title.

2010: TNA Slammiversary VIII was in the Impact Zone, in Orlando, Florida. 1,100 were in attendance to see Rob Van Dam defeated Sting to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Title in the main event.

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