WWE NXT Review: Adrian Neville vs. Tyson Kidd for the NXT Championship

Bayley, Emma and Paige vs. The BFF’s

Emma started the match against Charlotte, who trapped Emma in their corner and worked her over, thanks to some help from Sasha Banks and Summer Rae behind the referee’s back. The BFF’s had complete control over Emma, but they continued their problems from last week, which allowed Emma to make the tag to Bayley. Bayley gained control of the match, forcing all The BFF’s into the ring before Paige helped Bayley clean house. With Bayley and Charlotte as the legal competitors, Summer tried to get involved, getting in Charlotte’s way, allowing Bayley to roll up Charlotte for the win. This was a good match. I could easily make an argument for these six women as the six-most talented women in the company.

JBL and Mr. NXT backstage

JBL was backstage, watching a masked wrestler sign a contract. The wrestler spoke with a deep voice and thanked JBL for “believing” in him. JBL then revealed his name is Mr. NXT.

The BFF’s and Alexa Bliss backstage

The BFF’s were arguing backstage about what happened at the end of their match. Bliss walked in to grab her stuff, and The BFF’s took exception to her being in their presence. Bliss did not back down from The BFF’s, and instead challenged Sasha Banks to a match. Banks asked Bliss if she knew who she was, and Bliss took that as a yes, leaving The BFF’s shocked. Good segment that gave Bliss some personality, and, more importantly, credibility.

Colin Cassady vs. Sylvestor Lefort

Cassady defeated Lefort with East River Crossing. After the match, Lefort’s tag team partner, Marcus Louis, had a stare down with Cassady as they exchanged words. Pretty much a squash match, with more focus on Lefort’s tag partner than Lefort himself.

Tyson Kidd and Natalya backstage

Kidd was doing pushups, while Natalya talked about how happy she was to be in Kidd’s corner for his NXT Championship match. Kidd reminded her that the focus isn’t on her, it’s on the NXT Championship. Natalya tried to clarify what she meant, but Kidd didn’t really want to hear it.

Aiden English backstage

English was backstage practicing his singing, but was interrupted by a mystery man. English demanded to know who the man was, but the man refused to speak. He then walked away and performed a feat of strength off-screen that really impressed English. English then curiously stared at the man.

Sami Zayn vs. Mr. NXT

Mr. NXT came out in his mask, which was the worst mask ever. The crowd knew it was Bo Dallas the whole time, as evidenced by their chants. At the end, Zayn removed the mask to reveal Bo, then hit the Heluva Kick for the win.

After the match, security came out and chased Bo around the ring and the arena, trying to corral him and escort him out. Bo refused as much as he could. Bo screamed that they were trying to kidnap him and called for help. Later, he would try to remove one of their shirts, before screaming, “I’m going to call the real cops”. Dallas would end up leafing in a golf cart, laid across the laps of multiple security guards. I can’t possibly state how funny this segment was.

Adrian Neville vs. Tyson Kidd for the NXT Championship

During the match, Kidd hit a somersault leg drop from the top turnbuckle on Neville, who was laid across the middle rope. Kidd pinned Neville, as the referee’s hand hit the mat three times, but he realized that Neville’s foot was on the ropes, and waved off the three-count, while Kidd was already celebrating. Kidd would then get frustrated and go grab a chair. Natalya wouldn’t let him use it, which distracted Kidd, leading to Neville hitting a superkick followed by the Red Arrow for the win.

After the match, the referee was tending to a bloody Neville, while Natalya consoled Kidd. The announcers wondered where Kidd goes from here, and it’s certainly a fair question to ask. This match wasn’t quite as good as their match at Takeover, but both were really good, and I would love to see Kidd get a chance to rock the main roster as a heel.

Overall Impression

Wow, this show was really good. This show was jam-packed with excellent segments and matches, including a great main event. This is, without a doubt, the best show NXT has done all year, not including Arrival and Takeover.

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