TNA Slammiversary 2014 PPV Results: Who Is The TNA Champion?

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[Show: TNA Slammiversary] [Location: Dallas, TX] [Date: 6/15/14] [Airing live on PPV]

Welcome to TNA Slammiversary, hopefully we will get a good show. We see MVP talking to Kenny King and Bobby Lashley. King predicts he will win the title tonight. We get the opening video package and we kick things off with….

Ladder Match For The X Division Championship: Manik vs. Tigre Uno vs. Crazzy Steve vs. Sanada (c) vs. Eddie Edwards vs. Davey Richards

Manik takes out Sanada to kick off the match as he makes his entrance. The Wolves nail an outside dive taking out Manik and Sanada. This is going to get crazy, bare with me. Crazy Steve gets a chant started for him, he grabs a ladder, he sets it up, but is drop kicked by Uno. Then, Uno hits an outside dive taking out the other wrestlers. Manik throws a ladder in the ring, Sanada rams the ladder into Manik. Sanada with a shoulder block and then a springboard clothesline. UNO with a drop kick, then a back heel kick. He goes for a hurricanrana on Eddie, but blocked and the Wolves hit a double team move that has Uno land on the ladder. Manik nails a double drop kick on the Wolves. Steve has a ladder on his neck, which he sins and takes out Sanada, Davey, Eddie, Uno and makes himself dizzy. He climbs, but Manik pulls him off. Manik climbs, but pushed off by Steve that sends him crashing to the floor. Steve climbs once more, he is fingertips away, but Sanada pushes him off. Sanada suplexes Steve on the ladder, he goes to the top rope where he lands a moonsault onto Steve. Sanada climbs the new ladder, Uno nails a kick to the back of the head of Sanada. He put a ladder in between the ropes and the ladder. He brings Sanada up the ladder, but they battle and Sanada falls. Davey gets on the top rope while Eddie has Uno up, Davey lands a back breaker onto Uno from the top rope! The Wolves climb the ladder, they both go for the title. They start swinging at each other. Sanada pulls Eddie off, but Sanada suplexes Eddie out to the floor. Manik and Davey brawl on the ladder, Manik nails a sunset flip powerbomb onto the ladder. Sanada climbs the ladder, but Eddie pulls Sanada by the leg. However, Sanada grabs the title anyway, what a weird finish?

The winner and still champ: Sanada in 9:45

MVP comes out to the stage on crutches, with King and Lashley. He says that he should be in the hospital, but instead he is here and they boo him? He knows that everyone spent their money to see him be world champion. He explains whatever one knows, he can’t wrestle, we will have two qualifying matches and the winners of those matches will face EY later tonight in a steel cage for the gold. Was this necessary? King hypes his match with Austin Aries.

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