WWE: 5 Wrestlers Most In Need of a Gimmick Change

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It’s an unfortunate happening, but it’s inevitable. Just like death and taxes, you can count on WWE gimmicks getting stale. Who’s the most in need of a gimmick change? We just saw Cody Rhodes change his — at least temporarily — to Stardust, but that certainly feels more like a storyline as opposed to a permanent gimmick.

We’re going to skip the Divas and the inactive wrestlers for this one and focus solely on the male performers we see on a weekly basis. No offense to the ladies, but changing their gimmick could mean different attire…let’s just say I’m not in favor of that.

You might not notice some names on here that you’d choose. Santino comes to mind as a guy who’s gimmick is stale, but he serves an important comedic purpose on the show so we’ll let him slide. Same goes for Heath Slater, whose so jobberific that it might be new gimmick to just have him pin someone (cc: Ryder, Zack).

First up, we’re going to take a look at everyone’s favorite Irishman who loves to fight.

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