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With Money In The Bank 2014 PPV just one weeks away, I thought I would upload my play by play coverage and blog from WWE Money In The Bank 2012 in this article to give a flashback to the PPV. Check it out.

We open the show with a video that hypes the Money in the Bank matches, and the fact that everyone who has cashed in their briefcase has gone on to win the title.

The pyro hits and Michael Cole welcomes us to the show. There are ladders galore around the entrance ramp and ringside. Some of the ladders stand about 3/4 of the way up the Titan Tron. It’s a pretty amazing sight. It looks like we’re going to open with the Smackdown MITB match.

Courtesy of WWE.com

Courtesy of WWE.com

Money in the Bank Ladder Match for the World Heavyweight Championship Match Contract: Damien Sandow vs. Tyson Kidd vs. Christian vs. Santino Marella vs. Tensai vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Sin Cara

Vickie Guerrero interrupts Lillian Garcia and introduces her charge, Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler makes his way down to the ring to a bit of a mixed reaction, but it looks like he might have at least a little bit of crowd support.

Everyone looks at the briefcase, but chaos ensues when the bell rings. Almost everyone gets tossed from the ring earlier. Tensai head butts Tyson Kidd into oblivion before stopping Christian cold and tossing Santino over the top rope. Tensai heads to the outside and grabs a ladder, bringing in two before coming back into the ring. Tensai blasts Kidd with a huge kick before placing the ladder in the corner between the second and top rope. Tensai slingshots Kidd into the ladder and Kidd looks to be out. Tensai sets up a ladder, stopping to splash Christian in the corner. He sets a ladder on Christian, but he’s hit by a ladder from behind by Kidd. Christian hits Tensai, and then the two teams up hitting Tensai before slamming another ladder into his face. Christian slams Kidd’s head into the ladder and tosses him from the ring. Christian begins climbing and so does Santino. Kidd gets up there too and everyone fights, until Sandow pushes the ladder over.

Sandow stomps on some of his opponents before climbing, but he’s stopped by Ziggler and thrown out of the ring. Ziggler and Rhodes square off and Rhodes slams Ziggler’s face into the ladder. Ziggler returns the favor, but Rhodes hangs Ziggler up on the ropes and kicks him hard before launching Cara up for a dropkick to Dolph. Cara takes Rhodes out of the ring before stopping Ziggler climbing the ropes. He goes up and botches a high risk move badly, falling to the mat. He kicks Ziggler from the ring. Kidd comes in from behind and kicks at Cara before trying to powerbomb him on a ladder. Cara reverses it into a roll up before slamming Kidd on the ladder. Cara heads to the top, but he’s pushed to the floor by Christian. Christian goes for a frog splash, but Kidd moves and Christian crashes into the ladder. Rhodes tries for a disaster kick on Kidd, but Kidd ducks and Rhodes hits Sandow. Kidd hits Rhodes with a springboard dropkick that sends him from the ring.

Kidd sets up a ladder and starts climbing, but Tensai stops him. Santino goes up, but Tensai pulls him off and kind of hits a powerbomb before throwing him from the ring on top of all of his opponents. Kidd begins climbing and he’s pulled off the ladder by Tensai. Tensai goes for another powerbomb, but Kidd reverses into a hurricanrana and both tumble over the top rope. Sandow starts to climb but Cara stops him. Sandow stomps away at Cara before starting to climb again. Sandow has his fingers on the briefcase. Christian climbs over Sandow and almost has it, but both go down to the mat. Christian tries for the killswitch, but Sandow fights it off and slams Christian down to the mat. He blasts Christian with a couple of punches before grabbing the ladder and propping it in the corner.

Sandow tries for a running powerslam on the ladder, but Christian reverses into a DDT. Christian tries for a spear, but Sandow counters with a kick. Sandow tries for a clothesline, but Christian ducks and spears Sandow into the ladder in the corner. Christian grabs the ladder and begins setting it up. He starts the climb to the top. Ziggler and Rhodes stop him by pulling him back from, then slamming him into the ladder. Rhodes and Ziggler race to the top and fight with each other until Tensai pulls them Ziggler off and ties Cody’s leg up in one of the rungs of the ladder before tossing him out of the ring. Tensai climbs the ladder, but Kidd is up on the other side. Tensai hits Kidd with a big right that sends him to the mat. Santino grabs Tensai’s foot, but he’s kicked away. Tensai slams Cara’s head into the ladder, but he’s stopped by Christian slamming a ladder into his back. Christian and Santino team up with a ladder to take Tensai out. Santino tosses Christian out before fighting with Dolph, hitting a hip toss and a flying head butt. Santino pulls out the cobra and strikes Ziggler.

Santino starts to climb, but hesitates as he’s apparently afraid of heights. Santino gets his fingers on the briefcase, but Sandow races up. Santino hits the cobra. Rhodes hits a dropkick out of nowhere to knock Santino off of the ladder. Rhodes hits Santino with a short arm clothesline before picking up a ladder and throwing it at Santino in the corner. Cody props up a ladder against the ropes before setting up a ladder in the middle of the ring. Rhodes climbs the ladder, but so does Vickie. Rhodes tells Vickie to get down, but the distraction allows Ziggler to pull Rhodes from the ladder. Ziggler begins the climb up the ladder and the crowd is becoming unglued. Ziggler has his hands on it. Christian runs up the ladder and stops him with a series of rights. Kidd jumps on the ropes and uses the ladder to steady himself. He uses it to jump into the standing ladder and give Dolph a crazy flipping powerbomb. Sandow sets up another ladder and climbs. He and Christian fight with each other. Christian uses a ladder to smash into Sandow’s face before clotheslining him over the top rope.

Tensai sets up a ladder between the announce table and ring apron. Tensai catches Cara mid dive and throws him into the ring post before power bombing him on the ladder. Tensai throws Dolph over the announce table before Rhodes hits the disaster kick to stop him. In the ring, Rhodes and Kidd climb up the ladder. They fights at the top of the ladder. Christian and Santino come in. Rhodes hits a front suplex to send Kidd to the mat. Christian somehow hits a spear to send Rhodes from the ladder to the mat.

Ziggler is climbing toward the ring. Santino and Christian climb the ladder. Santino makes it first, but Christian slams his head into the ladder to send Santino down. Christian puts his hands on the briefcase, but Ziggler comes in and shoves Christian off and into another ladder. Ziggler climbs and puts his hands on the briefcase, pulling it down and winning the match.

Winner and Mr. Money in the Bank: Dolph Ziggler

Thoughts: An amazing match , I wouldn’t say 5-5 but i would say 4.5-5 wow great for Ziggler to finally win. Great way to kick off the ppv. This is how money in the bank ppv & match should be.

Ziggler sits on top of the ladder and holds his new trophy high while Vickie cheers on and laughs in the ring. What a great way to kick off the PPV. Dolph hugs Vickie while Cole calls a championship run a ‘sure thing’ for him.

The Miz makes his return to the WWE after a two-month period of absence. He actually gets a little ‘Miz is awesome’ chant. He asks if the crowd missed him and he gets a little pop. He says he was off filming a movie and you’re looking at a bona fide movie star. He says he was treated with the respect he earned and has been denied for too long. He says he has won the Money in the Bank ladder match and has successfully cashed in for the contract. Tonight, he’s tired of being overlooked, and he wants to make a sudden impact, so tonight the Raw Money in the Bank match will have five competitors, and Miz will prevail over everyone else. He will eventually become the WWE Champion again. Why? Because he’s the Miz, and him a movie star, and he’s awesome.

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