WWE: Seth Rollins the Right Choice to Turn on The Shield

When WWE made the choice to turn Seth Rollins against The Shield, there were murmurs about whether he was the right choice. After all, he was the weakest of the members of the former faction, so why choose him to take what appears to be the more featured role over Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns?

Your answer is right there — he was the weakest link and needed the most help in getting over. What better way to give him that kind of superstar rub than to align him with the likes of HHH?

Don’t get me wrong — Rollins is a quality talent. Does he have the best look of the group? Nope, that belongs to Reigns. Is he the best worker? This one could be argued, but I prefer Ambrose’s work. Is he the best on the microphone? He’s leagues better than Reigns, but Ambrose takes this one as well.

So again — it makes sense to use Rollins in this role. He can be somewhat protected by HHH in storyline and so far, he’s been acceptable in his promos. On the flip side, Reigns is being positioned as a superstar and Ambrose is being slotted as a mid-card face. He’s good enough to carry himself there and it seems like the right fit for now.


For Rollins, we can see the feud with Ambrose simmering. If Rollins can continue to pick up steam, it makes sense for him to go over on Ambrose and hopefully he’ll find himself elevated. Becoming the lackey to HHH isn’t going to help him, though. Randy Orton was strong enough on his own to get away with playing that role, but Rollins will lose any momentum he has if they go that route.

The WWE needs to do their absolute best to protect Rollins. I’m not suggesting a Goldberg-type (or is it Bo Dallas-type) run through the WWE, but Rollins needs to be booked as strongly as possible to keep him strong in the fans’ eyes. For now, he’s the bitter heel who wants to prove he’s superior to his former mates, which is a serviceable storyline for now, but then what?

If the WWE plays this right, they can bring Reigns up to a star level by having him continue to interact with John Cena, Orton and the other main event guys. Rollins can continue his run and if he finds his way to the top (or near the top) of the heel side of things, he could ignite a money storyline by costing Reigns his chance at the championship.

It’s a ready-made storyline, it makes sense and it would produce some good quality matchups. Heck, you could even do something with Ambrose as the jealous “other” performer. He could use that as fuel to turn back heel or could use that chip on his shoulder to get the crowd behind him. Either way, it’s compelling storytelling that makes sense.

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