Batista indicated that there would be interaction in the ring between he and Randy Orton and Triple H upon his upcoming return to WWE. (Photo source:

Batista Confirms His Return To WWE

While speaking at a recent comic-con event in Philadelphia, WWE superstar Dave Batista confirmed that he would indeed be returning to the WWE.

Batista “quit” on the June 2 edition of Monday Night Raw. In the segment, Batista had differences with Triple H and that led to the superstar walking out.

In actuality, Batista was due for some off time. Batista has been on tour promoting his role in the movie Guardians of the Galaxy. Batista is expected to be back on WWE programming before SummerSlam.

It will be interesting to see the creative direction for Batista’s character.

During his most recent run with the WWE, Batista received criticism for being a part-time wrestler. Batista’s first match was the 30-man Royal Rumble match in January and that is when the controversy started. Batista was the victor of that match and was instantly chastised for stepping over full-time wrestlers such as Daniel Bryan and CM Punk.

In fact, there were some whispers that Batista’s return was one of the reasons why Punk walked away from the company the day after Royal Rumble.

After his Royal Rumble win, Batista made easy work of Alberto Del Rio at the Elimination Chamber pay-per view.

After Elimination Chamber is when Batista was firmly implanted into the WWE World Heavyweight Title program with Bryan and Randy Orton. It was at Wrestlemania that Batista came up short in his quest for the title as he along with Orton lost to Bryan.

In the months after Wrestlemania, Batista was then booked along with Evolution in a feud with The Shield.

Batista’s last match was on June 1 at the Payback pay-per view when Evolution lost to The Shield.

With a new champion being crowned on Sunday and Brock Lesnar waiting around the corner, it remains to be seen if Batista will be placed in the title picture upon his return.

At the comic con event, Batista did indicate that he would be interacting with Triple H and Orton once he returned. WWE could attempt to have Batista return as a face and begin a feud with Orton or Triple H. Of the two, Orton would be the likeliest with Triple H almost certainly being on the outskirts of beginning a program with Roman Reigns.

One thing is certain, Batista figures to add even more star power to what is already rumored to be a stacked card for the WWE SummerSlam pay-per view.

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