Rob Van Dam On Working With Paul Heyman & Why He Came Back To WWE

Current WWE Superstar Rob Van Dam spoke with Ring Rust Radio and this is a heck of a interview. He talked about working with Paul Heyman and how he had to change his mindset going from a full-time wrestler to a part-time guy.

If a situation were to arise at some point that would allow you to join forces with Heyman again is that something you might be interested in?

“Possibly, you know, there’s a lot of factors to consider. Of course, whenever I’m working with him to any degree, I have to consider the possibility that some writers may be thinking of that idea just like you are. I would be open to considering anything, but I really do enjoy being a fan favorite, someone that gets the positive energy from the fans and all the love from those who are wrestling fans: guys my age, kids, women, whatever. I like that I have that appeal, and I like the love. That would be something, even within the parameters of entertainment, switching to bad guy, that those guys would put up with. All the negative energy that would occur if I were to switch. That would be something that has value to me, but besides that, of course I’d love to work with Paul.”

I would like to see it, I would like to see RVD turn heel and side with Heyman. I can’t actually see them doing this, but it is an idea.

Has it been difficult trying to adapt to the new style of part-time wrestling with the WWE?

“I have never been one of the guys that goes crazy at home. I can’t even imagine what that’s like. I need the balance. WWE knows I walked away from them in 2006, [that] I stayed away for six or seven years [and] that I’m capable of that without question. The other wrestlers, they have a few days off and they go nuts.”

“I remember, even when I was injured, I had my knee surgery and was home for 12 months, but I wasn’t just sitting around, I had a lot of conventions and things, but I would get phone calls from some of my friends from wrestling saying, ‘Rob I know you’re going crazy at home, but you’ll be back on the road in no time,’ and that’s when I realized how different they are from me. I love my time at home. I need that balance. That’s why I left before, and that’s why this schedule is what works perfect for me, so I don’t have to adjust to the busy times.”

“We just did 17 matches in 23 days in my last run when we went to Europe and I did NXT in Florida as well as Raw and Smackdown. That kind of time for me is when I count the days until I get a break, always have, and some of the other guys have nothing waiting for them at the apartment anyways. They’re young and they’re looking to show people what they’ve got, I’ll let them have it. I’m happy with my position and the way WWE is treating me right now.”

RVD seems like he is enjoying WWE, but would never ever want to go back full-time, which who could blame him.

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