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Post WWE MITB News: Who Is WWE Champion? News & Notes Leading Out Of The Show

– WWE crowned a new WWE Champion at tonight’s show and that man is…. John Cena

– Bad News Barrett was taken out of the MITB Contract ladder match.

– The Usos retained their tag team titles.

– Paige retained her Divas Championship.

– Seth Rollins won the Money in the Bank contract ladder match.

Here is a GIF of Seth Rollins taking a crazy bump off the top of the ladder.

– The show was a legit sell out.

– Daniel Bryan revealed on the pre-show that he would require a second neck surgery and would not be in action anytime soon.

Down below is the play-by-play from the main event:

Money In The Bank Match for WWE World Title: Roman Reigns vs. John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt vs. Cesaro vs. Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. Sheamus vs. Kane

This one breaks out in a brawl, Kane and Orton beat down Cena. Kane has a ladder, but Cesaro and Del Rio drop kick him, they battle over it and hit Orton with it. Bray hit a Crossbody taking them both out. Cena goes for the AA on Bray, but blocked and Bray hit a power slam on the ladder by using Cena. Reigns and Bray go at it, Reigns with a Samoan drop. Sheamus knocks Reigns to the floor, Sheamus climbs a little ladder and Kane interrupts. Sheamus takes Kane out and Reigns takes Orton out. They nail a sandwich on Kane with ladders. We have a big and small ladder, Del Rio knocks Reigns off, Cesaro and Del Rio climb, we have four men, Kane pushes them off their respectful ladders. Kane nails an uppercut on BRay, a big boot on Sheamus and a chokeslam on Rio. Cena runs in and Kane hits a chokeslam on Cena. Kane sets up a ladder, he has Orton climbed the ladder, Reigns hits Kane from behind knocking Orton off.

Reigns hits Kane with a ladder. Reigns, climbs, Bray attacks from behind. Bray hit a chokeslam on Reigns. Cena hits a sidewalk slam on Bray, he goes for the five knuckle shuffle, but Cesaro hits a giant uppercut. He climbs the ladder, Sheamus meets him up there, Bray knocks them down, but they hold onto the championships! Sheamus falls, Cesaro still hanging, Cesaro then falls and Bray hit a back splash on him. Orton is bleeding from the top of his head, he sends Rio into the steel steps. Orton grabs a big ladder, he sets it up between the apron and announce table. Sheamus and Orton brawl, Sheamus send Orton head first into the ladder, Sheamus stands on the ladder, but Orton trips him and he is on the ladder. Orton hits the DDT off the ladder to the floor, impressive, not.. Orton brings the big ladder into the ring, he throws the other two out of the ring. This huge ladder is set up, Everyone rolls in and they climb on the ladder. They all scramble to get there. Kane clears house, he then sends Rio to the floor.

Kane and Sheamus exchange, Sheamus uses the ropes to his advantage, Sheamus hits a back breaker to Rio, then the white noise on Orton. Sheamus hits the brogue kick on Cena, he has Orton in his targets and throws him to the floor. Sheamus sets up the big ladder, Cesaro sets a ladder from the top rope and the big ladder, they both climb up, Reigns is by the ladder in the middle, Reigns lifts the big ladder and Cesaro is holding on by one arm, this is a weird angle, the ladder is still up.

They exchange on the ladder, Cena puts the ladder back down, he climbs, Bray knocks him down and suplexed Cena on the middle ladder.

Rio, Bray, Kane climbs the ladder. Sheamus has the titles, he is dragged down.Sheamus fights back, but kicked out of the ring. Reigns spears Kane through the ladder and Orton sends the ladder to Reigns, top of his head. Orton goes for the RKO on Reigns, but eats a superman punch. Sheamus on the top rope, eats a superman punch. Rio misses a splash and eats a dropkick and then one to Bray on the announce table. Reigns with a spear on Cesaro while on the floor. Everyone is down except, Reigns and Cena, the two square off and exchange right hands.

Cena goes for the AA, but blocked and Reigns spears Cena. He sets the big ladder up, Orton attacks him from behind and hits a back breaker off the ladder. Bray grabs him and hits sister Abigail on Orton. Rio knocks him down and hits the kick in the corner. Rio with the superkick on Bray. Rio climbs the ladder, Sheamus pushes him off and hits the brogue kick. Sheamus climbs the ladder, Cesaro hits an uppercut and then the neutralizer on him.

He climbs, but Orton hits an RKO off the ladder to Cesaro. Orton climbs, Reigns attacks him from behind. They trade on the ladder, Orton is starting to bleed real bad now. Reigns head butts Orton off the ladder, but Kane chokeslams Reigns off the ladder. Cena hits the AA on Kane and then hits the AA on Orton on top of Kane and wins the match!

Winner & New WWE Champion: John Cena for the 15th time.

Cena celebrates to to end the show.

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