I’ll Just Say It: John Cena Wasn’t the Right Choice

John Cena’s had a week that would make Emma envious.

Not only is he the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, having knocked off seven other guys to do it, he was also named the cover model for the WWE 2K15 video game. despite the fact that there are dozen or so other Superstars that deserve to be on to cover more than he does.

I mean, I know Daniel Bryan was terribly injured to the point of major neck surgery and he’s not fit for any sort of action besides showing up to depress everyone with his deteriorating medical status, but the guy was one of the only good things worth watching in the last year.

In the last seven months, we’ve seen WWE prop up Randy Orton as “The Face of WWE”, the puzzling return of Batista who was supposed to be the Face That Would Challenge Orton only to turn heel because of all the heat he was getting from the fans who wanted Bryan instead, a terribly thin Divas roster, and some massive failures on the NXT-to-WWE front.

Bryan worked harder than any of WWE’s major talent, took some bumps that should have seen him end up in a coffin, carried Wrestlemania XXX all by himself, then ended up with the Championship after months of tribulation. He did this all while planning for a wedding with Brie Bella, surviving the death of his father, and getting surgery to repair all the damage done to his body.

I’m not seeing why Cena even deserves to be on the back of the box.

What’s more, I’ve seen blogs and other news sources all saying the same thing lately:

“John Cena as WWE Champion Is Best for Business with Daniel Bryan Injured”, declares David Bixenspan of Bleacher Report.

“WWE: Why John Cena Is The Best Choice To Win Money In The Bank, Fight Brock Lesnar At SummerSlam” says SciFighting.

“John Cena Is The Best Choice” was the headline at Wrestlezone.

I’m not naive to how the media works. I’m part of it in some way. Somebody creates a popular narrative and it’s picked up and used by everyone else. I’ve been guilty of doing it.

But, honestly, there’s no reason that Cena had to walk out of there as the new WWE Champion. It’s frustrating at worst and cynical at best.

It’s even more irritating when you look at the photo above. There’s Orton, there’s Kane, there’s Reigns and they all look intense and ready for battle…and then you see Cena, sticking out like a sore thumb with a smug, goofy look on his face with his trademark shirt, throwing everything off.

That very theme is why so many fans can’t stand him. The only thing he seems to do to stay fresh is change the color of shirt.

And what of the main event at Battleground?

It’s obvious that Orton and Kane aren’t winning the thing and Reigns isn’t gonna be champion right now.

Only one of two things can possibly happen:

  1. Cena retains or
  2. Cena retains and Rollins cashes in and wins the title after Cena attains a Pyrrhic Victory.

There’s no suspense here.

This is where we’re at.

The problem is that WWE is five years late to the party on every single front and doesn’t listen to anyone but themselves, thus digging themselves into a hole each time.

The truth of the matter is that any one of those guys could have been WWE Champion at the end of Money in the Bank, provided WWE was ready to tweak some things that could have made the reign and the story work.

Rollins, for instance, didn’t HAVE to win the case.

That would have opened it up for Cesaro or Wyatt to take the title. Everyone is behind Wyatt (if you haven’t been paying attention to the cell phone lights all over the arena) and Cesaro is more over than he’ll ever be.

So, when will WWE admit to themselves that they’ve come full circle and that John Cena is Hulk Hogan all over again?

Back in the day, it would have been unthinkable for Hogan to tweak his goody-goody image and do something different that appealed to more fans. But he re-invented himself and it was a hit.

It’s sad that WWE has lost their nerve. Especially when it comes to Cena because he seems to have an immediate impact on everything the company does.

  • Levoy Hemphill

    The choice of Cena as champ had more to do with the bottom line and pleasing of the stockholders and sponsors than pleasing the part of the fan base that is just plain tired of him. Face it, like it or not he effects attendance, ratings, and viewership more than any other superstar on the roster. With the WWE having taken such a big hit in a negative way with stock price per share I feel he was the only choice at this time. JMO.

    • http://wehateyourgimmick.blogspot.com Matt Perri

      Totally agree. As I outlined in my article, I said it was a “cynical move at best”.

    • http://wehateyourgimmick.blogspot.com/ Matt Perri

      Of course. And I completely agree with you. As was stated in my article, it was a cynical move based on finances.

  • Andrew Economous

    Agreed , the wwe still could have gone with Danielson being his fan base the hardcore are the gamers , but nooo its gotta be john!.

    at least 14 is still doing it for me.

  • http://www.keepingitheel.com Marcus Hagness

    Why bother waste one of those other guys’ title runs when Lesnar is going to walk out of Summerslam with the title? If I was a betting man I would’ve bet the plan was to have Bryan drop the title to Lesnar at SummerSlam, but due to his condition those plans were scrapped. What good would it be to put the title on any of the other guys in the company right now? Cena can lose the title after just two months with it and it’s not going to matter. It’s a safe move for a company that doesn’t need to take risks right now. People are still going to watch, they’re still going to renew their WWE network subscriptions, and Cena-Lesnar for the title is a match that has never happened and will be a physical and fun match to watch.

    Even if something is predictable to some, doesn’t mean it isn’t worth doing.

    Here is a prediction for you:
    Lesnar walks out of Summerslam the champ>
    Roman Reigns wins the Royal Rumble.
    Reigns over Lesnar at WM 31 for the title.
    Rollins cashes in on Reigns at WM starting their world title feud.

    • http://wehateyourgimmick.blogspot.com/ Matt Perri

      Yes, but how would Daniel Bryan fit into all of this? One would have to think he comes back after the second surgery.

      • http://www.keepingitheel.com Marcus Hagness

        You don’t plan your would title picture around a guy coming off neck and shoulder surgery. Bryan might be out for another year the way it stands right now. They can always call an audible and change the plan if need be as we saw this past wrestlemania. My point was that Cena was not only the right choice for it right now, he was the only choice to keep the title credible right now. You don’t have to like it, but who else wins that match and can pass the title to Lesnar with no damage done to their character? Don’t just hate Cena for the sake of hating Cena.

        • http://wehateyourgimmick.blogspot.com/ Matt Perri

          It isn’t like WWE has never planned for somebody coming off injury to win the thing. I also find it incomprehensible that WWE would just let go of Bryan if he was still so popular.

          • http://www.keepingitheel.com Marcus Hagness

            Lesnar is going to be champion at Summerslam, that’s the long and short of it. If Cesaro, Bray, Reigns, would get the title, defend it once then lose it at SummerSlam people would be up in arms about how they didn’t get a fair shake at their title run. Cena made the most sense for this to work out given the state of the roster. It’s a big responsibility to be champion, maybe those young guys aren’t ready yet and the company knows it.

          • http://wehateyourgimmick.blogspot.com/ Matt Perri

            I’m not entirely sure the company will put the title on Lesnar. I think Cena barely beats Lesnar. Lesnar attacks him. Cena goes unconscious and Rollins cashes in while Ambrose is beaten up by Orton and Kane. Rollins wins and goes all the way to WM with the title.

            That said, Bray wouldn’t HAVE to drop the title soon. He could have carried it for a long, long time. THAT, by the way, would have built unbelievable amounts of heat for him and gotten people hating him.

          • http://www.keepingitheel.com Marcus Hagness

            There is no way they’re following up Lesnar beating the streak with a loss in a title match. If he doesn’t win his next match after beating Taker at WM then it’s going to make the streak look pointless.

          • http://wehateyourgimmick.blogspot.com/ Matt Perri

            Sure they can. It will finally shut Paul Heyman up. On top of that, there’s no way in hell WWE would send Wrestlemania fans home with the heel taking the match at the end. Brock Lesnar isn’t going to carry the title for the next 7 months.

            And the Streak was already pointless. That ship sailed when WWE botched it by letting Lesnar beat ‘Taker — or even allowing him to compete.

          • http://www.keepingitheel.com Marcus Hagness

            I’m just going to disagree with you and leave it at that. The Undertaker match at WM was bigger than whatever the main event was for a lot of ‘Mania’s. And if you think they’re going to take the streak away from Taker, something that will never be duplicated and have that guy lose his follow-up match you’re crazy. He may not carry

            it to ‘Mania but he will win it at Summerslam.

          • http://wehateyourgimmick.blogspot.com/ Matt Perri

            That match was bigger? The outcome may have been big but that match was terrible and it pained me to see Callaway in such pain. They already took “The Streak”. It’s gone. It won’t ever be duplicated, you’re right, but Lesnar’s part-time and he’s not going to take the title from Cena. Cena beating Lesnar makes sense.

            If Lesnar wins the thing, then what? Then you have to quickly figure out what to do with Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. Lesnar isn’t gonna main event Wrestlemania 31, so why give him the title if he’s just gonna drop it a couple of months later to a face?

            I like this discussion, though. And I like your fandom, man.