WWE: Babyfaces Who Need to Be Pushed in Daniel Bryan's Absence

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via WWE.com

via WWE.com

The bad news gets worse.

In case you haven’t been following WWE, top draw Daniel Bryan was forced to forfeit the WWE World Heavyweight Championship due to required neck surgery. This was a major setback for the company, which had recently seen Bryan become the single most over wrestler on the roster.

According to Dave Melzer of Wrestling Observer (subscription only), a recent medical examination revealed that Bryan has multiple neck and shoulder issues.

The update on Bryan is that he may now also require shoulder surgery, as a full exam has revealed a lot of different shoulder and neck issues. At this point, because of uncertainty as to whether he’ll need surgery and what surgery it could be, he’s out of plans and there is no estimate on when he’ll return.

An already lengthy timetable just got longer.

WWE is in a very difficult position having lost both Daniel Bryan to injury and CM Punk to sabbatical over the past six months. Both men were top stars in the company, which now leaves the E in a spot in which its two most over faces are no longer in play.

The question is, which face wrestlers need pushes to help fill the void left by Bryan’s absence?

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