WWE NXT Review: Sami Zayn and Adrian Neville vs. Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel

Bayley vs. Summer Rae to determine the #1 Contender for the NXT Women’s Championship

Summer reversed the Belly-to-Bayley and followed up with Summer Crush for the win. Good match, but I was hoping for better. The NXT Divas have shown up their main roster counterparts for a long time, but this was nothing special.

Adrian Neville and Sami Zayn backstage

This took place last week, just after Neville saved Zayn from the attack by Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd.

Neville called the attack by Kidd and Gabriel “shameful”. He called them out for being cowards. Zayn attacked them for the same reason, but it was better. It’s so easy to feel Zayn’s emotion in whatever he does, Neville just didn’t connect with what he was saying here and it really hurt the promo.

Justin Gabriel w/ Devin Taylor

Devin asked Gabriel about his attack on Sami Zayn from last week. With Tyson Kidd standing beside him, Gabriel explained that he didn’t want to be a loser anymore. He said that Zayn and Adrian Neville are talented, but they’re not on his level. He said that sometimes you have to break the rules to get ahead in life. Gabriel was very impressive here. Kidd and Gabriel are very talented, hopefully these heel runs in NXT turn into main roster chances.

Sin Cara vs. Wesley Blake

Sin Cara got the win with a top-rope senton. Big moment in this match was a very small “Lucha” chant just before Sin Cara got the win. Despite how feint it was, it shows that Kalisto is certainly having an impact in NXT.

Tyson Kidd and Natalya backstage

Natalya said she didn’t like his attitude recently, and Kidd said it was up to her if she wanted to accompany him to the ring. He said that it’s day one of the “Tyson Kidd roll”, and she could be a part of it or not. Kidd is very comfortable being a jerk and talking down to his wife.

Summer Rae and Sasha Banks backstage

Summer said she couldn’t believe she was the #1 Contender. Sasha implied that Summer didn’t deserve a shot at the title, but Summer ignored that and said that her and Sasha should hang out. Sasha didn’t seem interested, but Summer said that “The Summer of Summer” is coming, and Sasha should hop on the bandwagon now. These two need a little fine-tuning in these segments, but they’re not bad at all.

CJ Parker and Xavier Woods promo

Parker called out Woods so he could apologize for his attack last week. Woods came out and refused to accept Parker’s apology, so Parker attacked him again and said that it wouldn’t have happened if Woods just accepted the apology.

The Vaudevillains out on the town

The Vaudevillains are very vaudevillian-like. That may seem pretty obvious, but there’s literally no other way to describe them. It’s definitely a good thing though. They talked about becoming the tag champions here, and I would definitely be for that, once The Ascension are feuding with The Usos on the main roster.

Bull Dempsey vs. Angelo Dawkins/Bull Dempsey promo

Dempsey got the win with the Bulldozer. I was very impressed with Dempsey in this match, more impressed than I was after his first match.

Dempsey said he is “the wrecking ball”, and he doesn’t plan on stopping until he is the NXT Champion. I think they’ve got something in this guy.

Adrian Neville w/ Sami Zayn

Zayn asked Neville why he saved him. Neville said that him and Zayn go way back, and he considers an attack on Zayn to be the same as an attack on himself. Neville asked Zayn what’s next, and Zayn said that he’s going to hand the mic back to Devin Taylor, then they’re going to go to the ring and teach Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel a lesson. Zayn said “We’re out”, then tossed the mic up in the air as Devin caught it and looked completely confused. This was hilarious. Neville was much better here than he was before, and Zayn is just always, always good.

Sami Zayn and Adrian Neville vs. Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel

With Natalya standing on the apron, Zayn punched Kidd, forcing him to knock Natalya to the ground. With Zayn showing genuine concern, Kidd faked concern and used it to roll Zayn up for the win. Really good match. These four are so incredibly talented, and the story developing between Kidd and Natalya has me very interested. Of course, everything Kidd is doing right now has me interested.

Overall Impression

When the stars of the episode are Sami Zayn, Adrian Neville, Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel, you’re asking for greatness. Those four provided it, Bull Dempsey was also impressive, everybody else was lackluster.

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