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Sting Still Not Signed With WWE Despite Game; HHH Tease

Despite a flurry of Warrior-like diplomacy between him and WWE, Steve Borden (AKA “Sting”) reportedly (and frustratingly) remains unsigned with the organization.

Both sides had remained quiet for months in regards to any possible deal until last week when Sting, cryptically, posted the date of Monday Night RAW on his Twitter along with a very dark picture which barely showed the legend’s face as he bowed his head.

Viewers tuned in with hopes that Sting would finally be making his WWE debut but, instead, were treated to a teaser trailer for WWE 2K15, where it was announced that Sting would be a playable character if gamers pre-ordered the game before the release date.

The commercial was shown to TV viewers at the same time it was shown to fans in the arena who could be heard cheering loudly from the moment the orchestra was shown to the point where Sting’s face was finally revealed. Those cheers largely became boos when fans realized that this wasn’t a debut promo they were watching.

According to several forums across the Internet, the fans immediately started chanting, “WE WANT STING” during the commercial break following the trailer. The chanting wasn’t heard on the air and no mention of Sting’s name was made by anyone throughout the RAW broadcast, save for his name in WWE’s on-screen “Twitter Trend” graphic.

The next day, Borden gave an interview for the UK tabloid, The Mirror, where he stated that while he was proud of his accomplishments during his wrestling career, it was “now or never” in terms of becoming “part of the WWE Family…in some capacity”

When asked when he’d return to the ring, Borden said that he wished that he could work with The Undertaker just once, provided that he wasn’t “done” in terms of hanging up his boots, hinting at a big Wrestlemania appearance in Santa Clara, California next year — and even stated that he was “All for it” when it came to promoting the game on RAW.

This, added to a recent interview with Triple H, has gotten fans excited. In a 5-minute sit-down with WWE Broadcaster, Michael Cole, Triple H expressed excitement about Sting starring in the new game, calling him “one of the greatest legends in wrestling”.

When Cole pressed him on when Sting would see action in the ring, Triple H had this to say:

“There’s been a lot of speculation over the years. Then again, over the years, I had heard that Bruno Sammartino would never be part of the WWE again. I heard, for years, that the Ultimate Warrior would never be part of the WWE again. I’ve also heard that Sting would never, ever be part of the WWE. If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, never say “never” if it’s best for business.”

This goes hand in hand with what Vince McMahon once told a young Steve Borden two decades ago when they met at a TV industry expo.

As Borden recalls, “[A deal] never did work out…but Vince would always say: ‘Make sure to always cross your T’s and dot your I’s. I know that we’ll do business some day’. And I guess he had a better sense, or was more prophetic, than I could ever be.”

Even if Sting remains unsigned, it’s looking more and more likely that he will in the near future.

Meanwhile, if two huge interviews and a game trailer aren’t doing it for you, 2K Sports released teaser images for the game, giving us a glimpse of the “two generations of Sting” that were advertised in the goosebump-inducing teaser.


2K Games


2K Games

If WWE were to finally, officially sign Borden, it would be beneficial to WWE and their fans.

For WWE, it would mark the end of a years-long negotiation struggle to welcome, into the WWE fold, one of the greatest pro-wrestling icons of the last 30 years.

For the fans, it would finally be the answer to all those nagging what-ifs and wrestling fantasies and would, simultaneously, introduce a whole new generation of fans to the legend of Sting.

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