WWE Rumors: The new stable that could be in the works is great for WWE

Ready for some more WWE rumors?

As wrestling fans have heard over the past few weeks, WWE signed KENTA, Prince Devitt, and most recently, Kevin Steen. All three are terrific workers in the ring and the latter two have great personalities on the mic.

How about if they came together as one?

Triple H’s caption for this photo was “Interesting…”

Obviously, KENTA is not in this picture. However, all three of these wrestlers are not American-born. It could mean something or it could just be a coincidence.

With The Shield being no more and The Wyatt Family over a year into their tenure and bound to break up eventually, WWE will need a new stable. If all three of these guys are in it, it has a ton of potential to cause havoc on the main roster.

We could get the six man tag team matches back that were a key cog of WWE programming with The Shield for over a year. It was always entertaining and fresh because of the many combinations of wrestlers that could be thrown at them. Those matches made for some great TV.

Whether a new stable will be needed or not, this is a proper way for WWE to bring up their prospects (if this happens). Let’s look at some of their most recent call-ups have been handled.

  • Rusev – Rusev has been brought up very carefully as this dominant, international force that has not been stopped yet. It’s unknown if he can carry himself in a long match on the main roster but with more experience, he should be okay.
  • Bo Dallas – Another character that was brought on very slowly too. Dallas was the former NXT Champion, but seems like he has a character that will stall in the mid-card. His persona is too gimmicky and may not be taken serious enough as a champion. He has not been seen on TV in a few weeks either.
  • Adam Rose – The character of Adam Rose had no chance of ever being a main event Superstar from the second it was made. He could have had a career in the mid-card until WWE soured on him within a month of his stay. He now does Sonic advertisements on live programming with Damien Sandow. Did I mention that Rose hasn’t lost yet despite all of this? Were all scratching our heads.
  • Paige – The British Diva was thrown immediately into the spotlight in her debut as she shocked A.J. Lee in a match for the Divas Championship the night after Wrestlemania 30. It was good to see this happen because so many wrestlers are brought along slowly. It makes their act get tiresome. Since that win, however, because of poor booking, Paige has stalled. She had a weak reign as champ and lost the title as quickly as she won it. Her feud with A.J. has been mediocre as well.
  • Emma - WWE began by putting her in the crowd and holding signs that said “#Emmalution.” Safe to say that there hasn’t been any type of “#Emmalution” since she’s been on the main roster. Emma became the romantic interest of former comedic Superstar Santino Marella until he retired due to injury. It was a terrible way to bring her up along with her strange dancing gimmick that confused WWE fans too.

Like Paige, The Shield was thrown into the spotlight immediately and properly. They made their mark at Survivor Series 2012.

They would go onto have many prominent feuds such as their battle at Wrestlemania 29 with the trio of Sheamus, Big Show, and Randy Orton. Their feud with The Wyatt Family (go watch their match at Elimination Chamber 2014 on WWE Network) was one of the best of the year. Fighting with the re-formed Evolution stable was fun TV as well.

The Wyatt Family was also brought along very well. They began with a below-average feud with Kane at SummerSlam 2013 but would go onto rise with battling CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. The trio was hotter than ever after Royal Rumble and up until Payback, when Bray Wyatt lost to John Cena in a Last Man Standing match.

After looking at the stables and singles wrestlers that we went over above, do you see the trend? Success has been easier as a team rather than being solo to begin a career. It’s almost like WWE knows what to do more when a bigger group is thrown at them rather than a singles wrestler. There seems to be a high comfort level of throwing these groups into high profile action. WWE gets criticized a lot for its booking decisions but they usually don’t go wrong with these based on recent history.

They’re incredibly cautious with singles wrestlers that they bring up. That will surely be the case as well when Adrian Neville and Sami Zayn reach the roster at some point this year or early next year. WWE seems to like the squash matches for these new guys to build them up. It gets old fast, however.

A team of Kevin Steen, Prince Devitt, and KENTA could be a force in WWE if handled properly. Even if it’s just Steen and Devitt, there’s a ton of potential there. I am liking where this is going right now with these new international Superstars. Let’s see what happens when they start in NXT.


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