Why Brock Lesnar's Win is Great for the Rest of the Roster

SummerSlam 2014 saw the WWE World Heavyweight Championship change hands in a brutal beatdown of John Cena by the hands of Brock Lesnar. It is his first time holding championship gold in over a decade and will now look to make the most of a potentially unprecedented run as a part-time performing champion.

While him and Cena were feuding, we only them them on TV together for one show (the go home Raw). Cena made an appearance alone, Lesnar made an appearance alone, and both were not on an edition of Raw, but a terrific video package hyping their fight was.

The absence of at least one of the two opened up more air time for others feuds on the roster. We saw Divas division feuds close Raw for two straight weeks. When was the last time that ever happened? The Seth Rollins-Dean Ambrose war got the amount of air time that a main event feud usually gets as well. The other feuds also got quality air time every week to add layers to their SummerSlam battles. It gave them much more significance.

So, if this is how WWE programming will be until Wrestlemania 31 (possible speculation on when Lesnar will hold the title until), I will be more than fine with it.

Right off the bat, they can establish a feud with Triple H and Roman Reigns (has been rumored for months) for Night of Champions with plenty of TV time. The build-up has been going on for months since The Shield-Evolution feud. We even saw those two stare each other down about six weeks ago that garnered the “This is Awesome!” chants.

The extra air time can give Reigns plenty of experience on the mic to continue to get over with the WWE Universe. He needs to improve soon with Rollins and Ambrose both miles ahead of him right now.

Speaking of the former Shield members, Dean and Seth’s feud likely has some more life to it. With the dirty finish of Rollins hitting Ambrose with the Money in the Bank briefcase, you can expect the lunatic to look for some immediate revenge. Whether Lesnar was a part-time performer or not, this feud would get main event air time.

The biggest impact is for the Divas division. We saw the Stephanie McMahon-Brie Bella feud close Raw twice. A.J. Lee and Paige also received a good amount of time, too.

We know that McMahon-Bella is far from over with Nikki turning on her sister last night and siding with the Principal Owner of WWE and Triple H. That story will be given plenty of time to develop for the next month or two as it continues. Paige and A.J. probably have one more month left in them, too.

There will be other Divas feuds in the future and they should be given the proper air time to get over in front of WWE crowds. Developing quality rivals for Paige during that time could work. Maybe they even use it to call up someone like Charlotte from NXT.

Brock Lesnar’s win will surely have even more impact, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

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