It’s Too Late For A Sting vs. Undertaker Match

If you were to ask 10 fans of the WWE what their biggest dream match is, I would venture to say that at least half of them would respond with, “Sting vs. Undertaker.” With the recent developments involving WWE and Sting, the outlook for this match looks brighter than ever before.

While this match is certainly an ideal scenario for many fans, this is one contest that should live on in dreams, rather than be played out in reality.

In a perfect world these two would have faced off while both were in their primes, perhaps when WCW and WWE merged, but that time has come and gone and now both of these legends are on their last legs.

Sting, 55, has been on a somewhat limited schedule over the past few years. While some of these have been of decent quality (Slammiversary vs. Bully Ray in 2013 and Victory Road vs. Bobby Roode in 2012 stand out), he’s been pretty hit or miss to say the least.

Thinking back to his most recent match last October against Magnus, it was clear that he just wasn’t the wrestler that he once was, as can be expected. It was an incredibly slow-paced, clunky match that did nothing to excite the crowd and was widely considered to be a disappointment.

”In a perfect world these two would have faced off while both were in their primes…but that time has come and gone and now both of these legends are on their last legs.”

On the other side, if Sting’s schedule is considered limited, I think we’d have to come up with a new word for The Undertaker’s. Over the past 4 years, he’s worked just 6 matches, with 4 of them coming at WrestleMania. Unlike Sting, a majority of these have been exceptional.

His bouts with CM Punk and Triple H will go down as all-time classics, but the streak-snapping affair with Brock Lesnar has to be considered one of his low points. He was reportedly working with a concussion for most of the match, which partially explains the performance, but the wear and tear on his body was evident.

Over the past few months (just like every year) speculation has ran rampant over whether or not Undertaker will be back for this year’s WrestleMania. Each year it’s the same story, he takes his time to get ready then eventually shows up sometime after the Royal Rumble. This year might just be different, though.

He appeared to be exceptionally beat up following this year’s event, as evidenced by his slow walking in a video that was taken by a fan the day after. He might legitimately be risking his safety by going out there again and with the streak having already been broken; there isn’t as much pressure to attend.

While Sting has apparently been in relatively good shape throughout the course of his career by avoiding major injuries, the surgeries have piled up for Undertaker. Whether it is his back or his knees, 25+ years in the wrestling business have clearly taken their toll.

I hate to say it, given that he’s always been one of my favorite wrestlers, but I think it’s time for him to hang up his boots. The streak is over and it’s time for him to get the proper sendoff that he deserves without having to go through the grueling training to get ready for another match.

As for Sting, I’m incredibly confident that creative can come up with someone for him to face so that he’s able to get one match in WWE. Options like Bray Wyatt, John Cena or even The Rock could work, and all three of those could tell an interesting story.

Whatever they choose to do, though, the best option for everyone involved is for these two legends to avoid each other because the best-case scenario for this match is that neither gets hurt. Tell me, is that really the dream match that you want to see? We should leave this one to our imaginations.

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