WWE's Instagram Account Posts Cryptic New World Order Photos - What Could it Mean?


Well, it seems like scenario two was the winner. It’s always fun speculating, though.

“Relive the Monday Night War between #WCW and #WWE on the #WWENetwork! The first three episodes including THE RISE OF THE #NWO are now available!”

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I always enjoy speculating on the unknown. You can go in so many different directions with your thought or idea. Is it correct most of the time? No, but it’s still fun to do. We did that last month when WWE posted some strange tweets.

Ready to do some speculating again?

WWE’s Instagram account has posted six close up photos of the New World Order logo today, leading many people to comment with questions.

For those who don’t know, the New World Order was a very popular faction in World Championship Wrestling during the late 90’s. It originally consisted of (Hollywood) Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash, and Scott Hall. They came to the WWE in 2002, but only lasted for a few months.

WWE posting these photos on Instagram could mean absolutely nothing. The social media worker for the company could be bored and just trying to fill some space on the page. That’s not fun to speculate about, though. What if it could mean something bigger?

Remember these photos?

Both of those pictures above sparked plenty of debate on what exactly is going on with the new additions to WWE’s talent pool – Kevin Steen and Fergal “Prince” Devitt.

The first photo has Triple H commenting “Interesting…” while the other one has him lurking in the background in a photo along with Steen and Devitt in nWo colors.

Imagine if this all could mean an nWo 2.0 led by Triple H? It would be a perfect way of introducing new characters like Steen and Devitt to the WWE Universe, kind of like how Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and Seth Rollins were brought up as The Shield (they did not have someone guiding them). They would be brought along slowly so they aren’t rushed into action as a solo act and crash and burn like Bo Dallas, Xavier Woods, Emma, and others have.

With so many other great talents in NXT like Adrian Neville, Sami Zayn, Tyler Breeze, and KENTA (has not debuted yet), could they be put into a larger faction like how The Nexus was packaged in 2010 (with better booking)?

That is somewhat unlikely given the lack of WWE faces and because of the fact that Sami Zayn has terrific potential to be the next great face in the company. More likely, I think a group of Steen, Devitt, and KENTA could work.

What these photos could also mean is a way of WWE promoting their Monday Night Wars series that is on the WWE Network. It has drawn considerable praise thus far about describing the war between them and WCW during the late 90’s.

Scenario two is the likelier choice here. Scenario one would be pretty cool, though, and breathe some much needed life into the WWE with how poorly the shows have been made lately.

What will WWE do with these new wrestlers? Stay tuned.


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