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When Ring of Honor announced they would be heading to MCU Park in Brooklyn, NY, it was hyped as one of the biggest ROH shows of the year. That hype was furthered when they started to bring in big names, like AJ Styles, who was booked in a Four Corner Survival Match for the ROH World Championship.

Let’s break down each of the matches:

Jay Lethal vs. Matt Taven in a Steel Cage Match for the ROH World TV Championship

This match opened the show to make it easy to set up, and take down, the cage.

I was very into this match, as I had high hopes that Taven would come out on top. Unfortunately, Lethal got another win, as Seleziya Sparx played a huge role in this match.

This match was really hurt by the interference from Sparx. Lethal and Taven are two really talented guys, but it just never got off the ground, and was easily the most disappointing match of the night.

Mark Briscoe vs. Takaaki Watanabe

This match wasn’t great, but it was a lot of fun, as both guys have plenty of charisma and personality.

Mark picked up the win with Froggy Bow.

Moose and RD Evans vs. Brutal Burgers

The sight of Cheeseburger in the ring is pretty ridiculous, it gets even weirder when you put him next to a guy like Moose, who used to play in the NFL.

In a pre-match promo, Veda Scott said that the power of “The New Streak” would stay with Evans, but that it would expand to include Moose as well.

The New Streak would stay alive, as Moose delivered a spear to Cheeseburger.

I must say that I was skeptical of Moose when I first heard about him signing with ROH, but the guy is extremely athletic, and I would love to see him after he gets a few more months of training.

Mike Bennett vs. Rocky Romero

Bennett looked great, and Maria Kanellis looked better. This was another disappointing match, though.

I’m a huge fan of Bennett’s, but I’m not interested in seeing Romero as a solo act. The Forever Hooligans are a phenomenal tag team, but neither guy blows me away in singles matches.

The Decade vs. Will Ferrara, Ken Phoenix and Johnny Knockout

This is what ROH and The Decade were left with when Raymond Rowe, one-half of War Machine, The Decade’s original opponents, ended up in a serious motorcycle accident.

Jimmy Jacobs cut a pre-match promo about the fact that Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian were receiving their second tag title shot since coming to ROH, and how they haven’t deserved either one. This would seem to be setting up a feud between the two teams/factions.

As for the match, The Decade were completely dominant. After the match, they went back for more, as they continued to attack their opponents, when Hanson came out with a baseball bat. Hanson got a good reaction from the crowd, as he chased off The Decade.

Silas Young vs. Tommaso Ciampa

Young hit Ciampa with the ring bell when the referee wasn’t looking, then throwing him back in the ring for the win.

While Young picked up a good win for himself, the story here came when Ciampa attacked the referee after the match. Some more referees came out and tried to stop the attack, but it only angered Ciampa more. Ciampa went to take his anger out on all the referees, but he eventually left and went to the back.

A heel turn would be an interesting turn for Ciampa’s character. I would really like to see how he handles that role moving forward.

Cedric Alexander vs. ACH

This match had a scary, and seemingly early ending.

Alexander went for a Michinoku Driver and ACH, but ACH landed on the back/top of his head. These two, who are known for their athleticism, never got to perform any of their big, over-the-top rope moves, which unfortunately took away from the match.

reDRagon vs. Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian for the ROH World Tag Team Championship

A really good match ended when reDRagon hit Chasing the Dragon on Daniels for the win. reDRagon’s efforts were aided by an attack from The Decade, who came down towards the end of the match in an effort to ruin Daniels and Kazarian’s title shot behind the referee’s back.

reDRagon has a legitimate claim as the number two tag team in the world. Of course, all the tag teams of the world are playing for second as long as the Young Bucks are around.

Michael Elgin vs. AJ Styles vs. Adam Cole vs. Jay Briscoe in a 4 Corner Survival Match for the ROH World Championship

This match was really good, it was almost like four of the greatest talents on the independent scene were all in the ring together. Wait, that’s exactly what it was.

Anyway, Elgin retained by pinning Cole with the Elgin Bomb.

Elgin, Styles and Briscoe did a good job at the beginning of the match, as they all went after Cole, who did a good job of playing the cowardly heel. Then at the end, all four had great chemistry as they went at each other.

Overall Impression

A weak show by ROH standards, but there were a couple of really good matches.

I did leave a little disappointed, but that’s only because I have had so much fans at ROH shows in the past. The world and tag title matches were definitely worth a watch, but the rest was pretty skippable.

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