WWE NXT – 8/17/10


After last week’s elimination, this week the NXT Rookies will fare no better.  Last night, two NXT Rookies’ dreams were ended as the WWE Poll sent two packing.  Was your favorite spared from the elimination?  Find out right here:

Video Package: Lucky Cannon was sent packing last week.  Who will go home tonight in the double elimination?

The NXT Rookies are announced and come to the ring.  Matt Striker welcomes all the the show and then gives each rookie a chance to speak for one minute on anything they want other than the elimination.

  • Notable promo was done by Kaval.  He gives his promo in a rap form, praising LayCool, dissing his competitors, and ending the promo saying “I’m the only one bringing ‘TOTAL NONSTOP ACTION!'”

Matt Striker then reveals who is the first eliminated NXT Rookie… Percy Watson.

  • Watson gets to speak and he thanks the WWE Universe and specifically thanks his pro, MVP, for teaching him everything.

Michael McGillicutty with Kofi Kingston vs. Zack Ryder
WINNER: Ryder via pin fall after hitting the Rough Ryder

Michael Cole & Josh Matthews run down what happened in and after the match at SummerSlam between Kane & Rey Mysterio, as well as the appearance from The Undertaker.

Backstage: LayCool trying to pump up Kaval for his match later.  Kaval heads towards the ring.  Michelle McCool asks Layla if she and Kaval have a thing going on?  Layla denies it, but says Kaval is kind of cute.

  • Layla heads off screen, and as she does Husky Harris walks in and gives McCool a cheesy pick up line.  She disses him and walks off.  Harris vows to destroy their rookie, Kaval, for it.

Husky Harris with Cody Rhodes vs. Kaval with LayCool
WINNER: Kaval via pin fall after hitting the Warriors Way

Alex Riley vs. Kofi Kingston with Michael McGillicutty
WINNER: Kingston via pin fall after hitting Trouble In Paradise

Matt Striker is in the ring with Michael Cole & Josh Matthews and he asks them for their opinions on this season so far, specifically who they think will win, and who should go home tonight.

  • Cole and Matthews shockingly agree that Alex Riley should win, and that Kaval should go home.

After commercial, Matt Striker has the NXT Rookies ringside and reveals who’s the second person tonight to go home… Husky Harris.

  • Harris’ pro, Cody Rhodes goes off on the WWE Pros, the WWE Universe, and then individually on the NXT Rookies eventually attacking Kaval.  A brawl breaks out and MVP and Kofi Kingston run down to the ring to help Kaval.  The brawl is capped off by Kaval hitting the Warriors Way on Harris from the top rope to the floor.


Well I’m not too surprised at who went home tonight.  It’s somewhat disappointing that Harris went home.  I was hoping he’d make it through to the final three over Alex Riley, but it wasn’t to be.  Didn’t expect Cody Rhodes to go off like that though.  That was pretty good.

Kaval’s little rap was funny, but I don’t know how smart it was.  While he did win his match up, he was absolutely buried by Michael Cole and Josh Matthews shortly after it, and later in the show when Matt Striker asked for their thoughts on who should be eliminated.  How much you want to bet that Kaval gets his future endeavors notice once the season ends?