WWE Smackdown – 8/20/10


After Kane successfully defended the World Title at SummerSlam and then we find out that he was the person who took out The Undertaker, what other curveballs could WWE throw our way this week?  Find out what happened right here:

Todd Grisham & Matt Striker run down what happened in the Smackdown main event at SummerSlam between Kane and Rey Mysterio.  Plus the post match situation with The Undertaker.

Rey Mysterio comes to the ring and thanks the fans for being behind him in the match last weekend against Kane even though he came up short.  At least everyone knows that Kane is responsible for attacking The Undertaker, and he blamed others for his own guilt.

  • Interrupted by the debuting Alberto Del Rio who’s excited for his opening performance.  He comes to the ring and tells the fans and Rey that it’s an honor.  He shows his true colors when he talks about his bloodline coming from kings and Rey’s comes from the streets of Tijuana.  Del Rio even goes so far as to calling Rey the worm in the bottom of his tequila.
  • Rey comes back and makes a crack about Alberto’s fancy suit saying that his cousin has some of the same cuff links and he got them at the swap meet.  He tells Del Rio that in the WWE he has to earn respect.
  • Del Rio calls Rey a peasant and that he’ll force Rey to respect him.
  • Rey says come and get it.  You and me, one on one tonight.
  • Del Rio say that he’ll crush Rey like a cockroach.  They stare down and Del Rio winks at Rey.  Rey punches him in the face and then eventually hits a 619 to the crowd’s delight.

Video Package: Grooming tips with “Dashing” Cody Rhodes.  This week he talks about using lotion to moisturize your skin.

Intercontinental Title Match
Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler (Champion) with Vickie Guerrero
WINNER: Kingston via DQ after Vickie pushed him off the top rope in front of the referee

  • Post match, Kofi’s pissed and distracted.  Ziggler tries to attack Kofi from behind, but Kofi fights back.  Ziggler tries to run and Vickie steps in between as a human shield.  Kofi’s getting frustrated with Vickie and doesn’t see that Ziggler has slipped around to the other side of the ring to attack him from behind again.  Dolph hits a Zig Zag followed by a Sleeper Hold.  Title cannot change hands on a DQ, so Ziggler is still IC Champ.

Backstage: LayCool is talking about what they did to Melina at SummerSlam.  Layla is concerned about what Teddy Long might do to reprimand them.  Michelle McCool tells her not to worry because their plan is totally flawless.  They leave.

  • All of a sudden a plant in the background sneezes… It’s revealed to be Hornswoggle in a costume.

Backstage: The Straightedge Society lackeys are talking about how bad things went at SummerSlam and how CM Punk left them there to fend for themselves against Big Show.

  • Serena believe that Punk’s testing them and tonight they can prove their worth by beating Show.
  • Punk enters and is still upset with them.  He takes a cue from The Nexus and says that if they lose tonight, they’re out!

Serena & Luke Gallows with Joey Mercury vs. Kelly Kelly & Big Show
WINNERS: Serena/Gallows via pin fall after Serena hit Kelly with a Gutbuster

  • Post match, CM Punk to the stage to applaud his troops.

Kane comes to the ring and speaks about the devil and the seven deadly sins.  He talks about one in particular that his brother The Undertaker suffers from, pride.  He knew that Taker would come back from his attack too soon… Kane reminds Taker of how he’s gotten to this point in his life and recounts stories from when they both met face to face for the first time in the WWE to the Brothers of Destruction to the present.  Kane says every move was calculated from the beginning and that when he saw Take show Shawn Michaels an ounce of mercy he knew that it was over.  All the years of waiting were finally coming to an end and he would have vengeance.  Kane is now the stronger man, and he said “Now you’re nothing more than the brother I destroyed!”

Christian vs. Drew McIntyre – On commentary: Cody Rhodes
WINNER: Christian via crucifix pin fall roll up

  • Post match, Cody/Drew attack Christian in a two on one beat down.  Matt Hardy out to save him, but he’s still got a walking cast on his injured foot and they attack it.  Hardy goes down as well.

Backstage: Jack Swagger complaining about how terrible his summer has gone to Rosa Mendes who’s exercising with headphones on and is ignoring him.

  • MVP walks up to tell Swagger that no one wants to hear him complain, and that Swagger’s not better than him.
  • Swagger takes the opportunity to challenge him to a shoot out.  Swagger wants to host the VIP Lounge if he wins.  MVP agrees, but says that he’s going to throw a big party if he wins and Swagger has to foot the bill.

Backstage: Kane walks into Teddy Long’s office.  Teddy looks scared shitless.  He tells Kane that next week The Undertaker will return to Smackdown… Kane says it’ll be hell on Earth.

Alberto Del Rio comes to the ring are in a Rolls Royce and has his own announcer to introduce him in Spanish.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Rey Mysterio
WINNER: Del Rio via submission after locking on a Cross Arm Breaker

  • Post match, after a short celebration, Del Rio locks on the Cross Arm Breaker again.  Referee gets him to stop, and he walks away all smiles.


Got to hand it to WWE on this one.  So far, night one of Alberto Del Rio, has lived up to the hype with all the promos.  He’s legitimately a good talker, and to put him right off the bat in a feud with Rey Mysterio gives him almost instant credibility if it’s pulled off well.  There was only one real in ring snafu, but for the most part it went well.  To top it off, Rey put him over too!

Kane coming out to the ring and explaining himself about how trying to take his brother out was his plan the whole time was brilliant.  Kane’s promos for me always seem very thought provoking.  When other people cut promos, I don’t always care what they say, but with Kane I’m always listening when he cuts promos.  It’s going to come down to a match between them at Night of Champions… Hell, this could possibly even go all the way to WrestleMania, maybe..?

I’m sick of Vickie Guerrero getting involved with every single FN match up that Dolph Ziggler is in.  I’m guessing that there’s going to be a stipulation in the match at Night of Champions between them.  Match hasn’t been named officially yet, but my hunch is that Teddy Long will step in next week.