Monday Night RAW – 8/23/10


After The Nexus exiled one of their own from the group last week, how would the group fare from here on?  Also, how would WWE Champion Sheamus respond to last week’s beat down from Randy Orton?  Find out all the details here:

Video Package: Last week, The Nexus competed in singles match ups.  Wade Barrett declared that if anyone in the Nexus lost their match, they’d be exiled from the group.  The only person to lose, Darren Young, lost to John Cena.  After the match, The Nexus destroyed Young.

Sheamus to the ring and starts off by badmouthing Americans for being spoiled babies who have to get what they want.  Compares them to what Randy Orton did to him last week and claims that Randy Orton should NEVER get another title shot.

  • Email comes in from the anonymous General Manager.  The GM has no problem with Sheamus and he should be rewarded.  A throne is brought to the stage and the GM tells him to sit and watch the show to scout the competition.  At the end of the night, Sheamus will be allowed to pick his opponent at Night of Champions.
  • Sheamus is excited that finally he’s getting some respect.

Edge vs. R-Truth
WINNER: Edge via pin fall after hitting a Spear

  • Post match, Edge takes the mic and walks up the ramp to try and bait Sheamus into selecting him for the match at Night of Champions saying, “If you haven’t beaten the Rated-R Superstar, you’ve beaten nobody!”

Video Package: Cody Rhodes makes a guest appearance on SyFy’s Warehouse 13.

Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler talk about the WWE’s first ever tour stop in China (photo slideshow).

The Great Khali with Ranjin Singh vs. Chris Jericho
WINNER: Jericho via submission after locking on the Walls of Jericho

  • Post match, Jericho tries to convince Sheamus (sitting on stage still) to choose him over Edge.
  • The Great Khali gets up and slaps Jericho in the chest.

Video Package: Last week, The Miz attack Daniel Bryan.

Backstage: Josh Matthews is with John Cena for comments on what The Miz did last week to Daniel Bryan.  Cena says that he stands by his selection of Bryan for SummerSlam, and that tonight he’s going to shut The Miz up with an Attitude Adjustment.

Diva’s Title Match
Melina (Champion) vs. Jillian
WINNER: Melina via pin fall after hitting the Last Call to retain the Diva’s Title

  • Post match, LayCool appear on the TitanTron and say that they’re going to be on RAW next week for the 900th episode, and they’ve got an offer for Melina.

Backstage: Josh Matthews catches up with The Miz in the locker room.  He asks if Miz could respond to Cena’s comments from earlier.  Miz says Cena put the WWE at risk by picking Daniel Bryan over him at SummerSlam.  He could’ve cashed in Money in the Bank at SummerSlam, but he didn’t because he was planning on being part of team WWE.  Miz also says that he doesn’t care who Sheamus picks tonight because he has his chance (shows the case).

The Nexus to the ramp.  Sheamus still sitting on the stage asks what are they doing there…

  • Email from the anonymous GM saying that he was impressed by Nexus last week and has lifted the previous title match ban.
  • Wade Barrett and Sheamus stare down.  Barrett tells Sheamus, “Consider our truce over!”
  • Sheamus looks worried.

Non-Title Match
The Miz vs. John Cena
WINNER: Miz via DQ after Daniel Bryan attacked him from behind

  • Post match, Cena hits Miz with an Attitude Adjustment and then allows Bryan to pick the bones.  Bryan puts Miz in a Crossface variation and it takes four referees to pull him off.

Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov vs. The Usos with Tamina
WINNERS: Marella/Kozlov via pin fall after Kozlov hit Jey Uso with a Spine Buster

  • Post match, Jimmy Uso goes to attack Santino, but Tamina steps in between to stop him.  As they walk away Tamina turns back around to blow Santino a kiss.

Ted DiBiase with Maryse vs. Randy Orton vs. John Morrison
WINNER: Orton via pin fall after hitting an RKO to counter a JoMo springboard

Sheamus comes down to the ring and says that he’s going to defend his title right now and calls for a ref.  “The only reason I became champion is because of opportunity… I’ve decided to go to left feld, someone who’s never had a title shot… Zack Ryder.

  • Ryder comes to the ramp and says that Sheamus just made the biggest mistake of his life.

WWE Title Match
Sheamus (Champion) vs. Zack Ryder
WINNER: Sheamus via pin fall after hitting the Brogue Kick (5 second match)

  • Post match, Sheamus takes the mic and says that he’s going to take Night of Champions off because of the 30-day title defense rule.
  • Interrupted by Wade Barrett who comes to the ring.  Barrett says that he won the first season of NXT and he gets a title shot at a PPV of his choosing, and he selects Night of Champions!
  • Email comes through from the anonymous GM.  The GM upholds Barrett’s request and Barrett will face Sheamus at Night of Champions.  However, the GM also speaks of opportunity for four other superstars… The match at Night of Champions will be a Six Pack Challenge.  The other opponents will be Chris Jericho, Randy Orton, Edge, and John Cena.
  • The WWE Superstars surround Wade Barrett and beat him down (turn about is fair play!).
  • Jericho hits Sheamus with Codebreaker. Spear from Edge to Jericho.  Attitude Adjustment from Cena to Edge.  RKO from Orton on Cena.


So frankly I’m a little upset about how the title match shaped up at Night of Champions.  I know in my gut that Wade Barrett will be a star and have other opportunities for a title shot, but in all honesty, I don’t like the idea of him using his NXT victory to get the shot, and then 4 other guys are put into the match.  I wanted to see him and Sheamus square off one on one.

For the most part, the show was pretty average.  The best match of the night for me was actually Cena vs. Miz.  As time goes on, The Miz is showing that he can work and that he’s got potential to be “The Guy.”

More with Santino and Tamina’s relationship angle.  The only thing different this time around is that Tamina is tied with a tag team.  I’m wondering how they’re going to play things out when it comes to her interacting with The Usos about it..?