Ring of Honor – 8/23/10


Ring of Honor is back on HDNet and this week’s main event pits eight men against each other in a volatile tag team war.  Would The Arena be able to contain all the competitors?  Find out all that went down last night on ROH:

Video Package: Last week, Davey Richards took on Roderick Strong for a #1 contender spot against the current World Champion, Tyler Black.  Strong got the victory when Richards’ manager, Shane Hagadorn, came to the ring after Richards told him not to, and was distracted by it.

Briscoe Bros. vs. Alex Anthony & Bobby Shields
WINNERS: Briscoes via pin fall after hitting the Doomsday Device

  • Post match, Kyle Durden enters the ring to grab a word from the Briscoes.  They comment on how they’re just going to roll over anyone that ROH puts in front of them on their way to getting to face the Kings of Wrestling.

Video Package: (Paid for by The Embassy) Prince Nana speaks about his issues with Rasche Brown and then sings the praises of his warriors in The Enbassy.

Pick Six Contender Series Match
Kevin Steen with Steve Corino vs. Jerry Lynn
WINNER: Steen via pin fall while grabbing the middle rope (not seen by referee)

  • Mid match, Corino was thrown out of the ringside area because he grabbed Lynn’s leg.  Also, Rhett Titus came out and distracted Lynn to allow Steen to gain an advantage.

Rasche Brown, Dark City Fight Club & Grizzly Redwood cut a promo on how they’re going to destroy The Embassy tonight in the main event.

Video Package: Last week after the Richards/Strong main event match, Davey Richards and his manager Shane Hagadorn had words.  Hagadorn tells Richards that if it wasn’t for him that Davey would’ve NEVER been a champion and will NEVER be the best in the world.

  • Richards takes exception to this and punches Hagadorn in the face!
  • Eddie Edwards comes out to cool down Richards.  Davey takes the mic and say that he wants nothing more to do with Hagadorn.

Backstage: Kyle Durden is with Jim Cornette and asks him about the tag team super fight at Glory By Honor IX between The Kings of Wrestling and Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin.  Cornette is sure that this match is going to be a match of the year candidate.

  • Interrupted by Roderick Strong and Truth Martini.  Truth asks Cornette if he’s going to do more this time around to make sure the match is fair towards Roderick Strong.  Truth even goes so far as to suggest that they get to select the referee.
  • Cornette says that ROH will assign the referee to the match up.
  • The segment is interrupted by Tyler Black who has strong words for all for Roddy’s excuses.  Suggests that they just get rid of the referee entirely and have the match be No DQ.  He even says that if Cornette refuses that he’ll pull out of the match.
  • Cornette reluctantly accepts the idea and so does Martini on behalf of Roderick.

Eight Man Tag Team Match
The Embassy (Erick Stevens, Ernesto Osiris, Shawn Daivari & Necro Butcher with Prince Nana) vs. Rasche Brown, Dark City Fight Club & Grizzly Redwood
WINNER: Embassy via pin fall after Prince Nana hit Kory Chavis with a low blow (Daivari with the pin fall)


I’m really glad that ROH showed the fallout between Davey Richards and Shane Hagadorn from last week.  It’s about time that they let Davey do his thing on his own.  I wouldn’t doubt that they might even have a blow up between Richards and Edwards in the coming weeks.

The Steen/Lynn match was pretty good, and in the process they reminded us about the rivalry between the All Night Express and Jerry Lynn with a simple, non-contact run in.

The eight man tag team match wasn’t bad, but once again The Embassy gets the victory because of the underhanded tactics of Prince Nana.  It puts them over as a great heel faction, but it drives me nuts when they win all the damn time because they cheat.