Smackdown! – 8/27/10


Last week, Kane gave his explanation as to why he attacked his brother, The Undertaker, and put him out of action.  This week, “The Deadman” gets his say on the matter.  Find out what happened on WWE Smackdown this week right here:

No Disqualification Match – Non-Title
Kane vs. Rey Mysterio
WINNER: Kane via pin fall after hitting Rey with a Choke Slam onto a chair

  • Post match, Alberto Del Rio comes out to “check on Rey,” and it turns into Del Rio saying “you look like a dying dog… and someone needs to put you down.”  Del Rio attacks and locks on the Cross Arm Breaker until referees pull him off.  Del Rio walks away, but notices a chair in the ring.  He grabs it, wraps it around Rey’s arm and then slams it into the ring post.  He then says to Rey as he’s lying on the ground, “I think there’s a new rey (Spanish for king) on Smackdown!”

CM Punk with Straightedge Society vs. JTG
WINNER: Punk via submission after locking on the Anaconda Vice

  • Post match, Punk has the SES get into the ring and yells at them telling them to “be better or be gone!”  He singles out Luke Gallows telling him for tonight’s match to leave Big Show “in a pool of his own drool.”

Backstage: Rosa Mendes showing off her new Shake Weight workout tool to Teddy Long.  She leaves and Teddy sits to have a look at the new WWE Magazine.  Behind him is a moving plant… It’s Hornswoggle again in costume.  Teddy asks if he’s been spying on other people.  Hornswoggle plays charades to get him to say LayCool.  Hornswoggle tries to tell him what they’ve said, but Teddy doesn’t speak leprechaun.  Teddy gets an idea for them to work things out…

Video Package: Last Friday, Vickie Guerrero got Dolph Ziggler DQ’d on purpose so that he wouldn’t lose his Intercontinental Title to Kofi Kingston.  Because of that, this week there’s a rematch and if Ziggler gets DQ’d again, he’ll lost the title.

Video Package: Grooming tips with “Dashing” Cody Rhodes.  This week’s topic, body shaving.

Intercontinental Title Match
Dolph Ziggler (Champion) with Vickie Guerrero vs. Kofi Kingston
WINNER: Kingston via count out after Vickie held Ziggler back from getting in the ring (No title change)

  • Post match, Kofi gives chase to Ziggler who runs through the crowd.

Video Package: Last week, Kane explains the whole “plan” to finally over take his brother, The Undertaker, and be out of his shadow.

Jack Swagger Sr. Invitational Match (Amateur Wrestling – 1st to Five Points)
Jack Swagger vs. MVP
WINNER: Swagger via DQ after MVP got pissed and punched Swagger in the face

  • Post match, Swagger jumps MVP and hooks up an Ankle Lock until refs pull him off.

Backstage: LayCool having a photo shoot as their NXT Rookie, Kaval, looks on.  They make fun of Diva’s Champion, Melina, and tease about what they’re going to do to her on the 900th edition of RAW this week.

Video Package: Last week, Christian upsets Drew McIntyre, but Drew and Cody Rhodes beat him down post match… Matt Hardy tries to run down for the save, but with a bum ankle he was no help as he took a beating too.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Carlos Sanchez (Local Jobber)
WINNER: Del Rio via submission after locking on the Cross Arm Breaker

Big Show with Kelly Kelly vs. Luke Gallows with Serena & Joey Mercury
WINNER: Show via pin fall after hitting the KO Punch

  • Post match, we see that CM Punk is looking on backstage and is pissed.

The Undertaker comes to the ring.  He says, “I may look dead, but I’m not dead yet… This is still my yard… I will never pardon the guilty…”  He speaks of how Kane will pay dearly for his betrayal…

  • Interrupted by Kane who stays on the stage.  Says that Taker is lying and anyone can see his weakness, and is no longer “The Phenom.”  He claims that the reality is that Kane is the dominant brother now with nothing left to prove.
  • Taker responds that there’s a reason why Kane walked in his shadow… Taker reminds his brother of a name he called himself last week, “The devil’s favorite demon.”  Taker tells Kane that “he’s forgotten that I built the devil’s house and when I come calling he refers to me as sir… You are not worthy of that title… you’re unworthy of being my brother… I taught you everything you know, but not everything I know.  Things will end the same way…”
  • Kane believes, “Not this time… I promise, no I vow on the grave of our mother that you will NEVER rest in peace!”


Quote of the day goes to Matt Striker on commentary during the Show/Gallows match.  Gallows is draped across the front of the announce table and show open hand slaps his chest.  Striker says, “The water on our table just shook like that scene from Jurassic Park!”

I’m really liking how the WWE is booking Alberto Del Rio.  So far things have been really good and in two weeks of action, he’s already got a ton of heat from the fans.  I’m wondering if this could possibly be the final rivalry for Rey Mysterio..?

The Swagger/MVP amateur match was just a way for Swagger to win a chance to host MVP’s VIP Lounge segment next week.  That was Swagger’s stipulation if he won.

Once again Kofi Kingston gets screwed out of the IC Title… Hoping that they might be in a ladder match at Night of Champions.  That would be fantastic!!!

Have to give credit to the local jobber in his match against Del Rio… He lasted just as long if not longer than JTG did against CM Punk!

Kane and Taker don’t even need to wrestle and their rivalry grows.  Their promo wasn’t as great as past ones, but still good.  I’m wondering if WWE Creative are possibly thinking about dragging this out all the way to WrestleMania?  I could see them having a loser leaves the WWE match with Taker’s streak on the line.  That’d be good, but I really don’t know how they could stretch for that long considering Taker can’t wrestle as much anymore.