Ring of Honor – 8/30/10


We’re slowly approaching Ring of Honor’s Glory By Honor IX PPV, and the rivalries are heating up on HDNet.  The top of the ladder in two division is getting crowded, and all the top superstars are jockeying for position.  Find out what happened last night on ROH right here:

Jim Cornette is in the ring talking with ROH World Champion, Tyler Black, to address the stories on the internet about Black getting offers from other companies and his future with Ring of Honor.

  • Tyler speaks about his title win and defenses in the past few months, but he confirms that he has received offers, and has decided that no one can out bid a billionaire from Connecticut.  Tyler says to all the haters that he’s been very loyal to ROH, and that his contract states that he’s got to show up and wrestle, but speculates about showing up on “another program” with the ROH World Title on his shoulder (crowd boos and Cornette visibly upset).

House of Truth (Josh Raymond, Christian Able & Roderick Strong) with Truth Martini vs. Mike Bennett, Andy Ridge & Jay Freddie
WINNERS: House of Truth via pin fall after Strong hit Freddie with a running boot to the face

  • Post match, Strong says that he hasn’t lost since finding the House of Truth, and calls out Tyler Black to be prepared at Glory By Honor IX.

Backstage: Steve Corino & Kevin Steen cut a promo on El Generico & Colt Cabana concerning their double chain match at Glory By Honor IX.  Steen even talks about decapitating Generico.

  • Counter promo from Generico/Cabana who point out that every time one of them gets beaten down it’s in a two on one scenario.  They’re excited that the odds are going to be even because they believe that favors them.

Non-Title Match
El Generico & Colt Cabana vs. Kings of Wrestling (Claudio Castagnoli & Chris Hero) with Shane Hagadorn & Sara Del Rey
WINNERS: Kings via pin fall after Hero hit Cabana with the Death Blow

  • Mid match, Steen/Corino came out to the entrance ramp causing a distraction for Cabana causing him to get blind sided.

Eddie Edwards comes out to the ring to announce his next edition of the 10-minute Hunt to find a worthy competitor for the TV Title.  Out walks Mike Sydal who when introducing himself, Edwards clocks with the belt.

10 Minute Hunt
Eddie Edwards with Shane Hagadorn vs. Mike Sydal
WINNER: Edwards via submission after hooking up the Achilles Lock (36 seconds)

Backstage: Jim Cornette talks about the issues from Supercard of Honor between Tyler Black and Roderick Strong.  Says that he talked to a friend, and got a suggestion for a “guest vigilante” at ring side for the no DQ, title match at Glory By Honor IX… That man is going to be Terry Funk.

Non-Title Match
Steve Corino with Kevin Steen vs. Tyler Black
WINNER: Black via pin fall after hitting a Buckle Bomb followed by a Super Kick

  • Post match, Steen jumps Black and a 2-on-1 develops.  Out run Generico/Cabana who have a chain of their own and a melee breaks out.  Referees and lower card superstars try to break things up.
  • Roderick Strong jumps out of the crowd and tries to attack Black.  They brawl for a bit.


Two job matches and two decent matches on the card tonight, so I’m not going to complain too much.

Part of me wishes that ROH would get to the point of the 10-Minute Hunt story line already because I’m sick of Edwards beating jobbers every week.  That guy deserves some real competition, and I think that ROH needs to respect that.

The non-title tag match was probably the best match of the night with four of ROH’s top guys.  The ending was somewhat predictable.  I knew there was going to be outside interference, but I didn’t see the Death Blow elbow from Hero coming… It made sense though.

Main event was good.  I enjoy watching Steve Corino.  He’s a natural heel.  The only drawback to this match was the post match melee.  I know it was somewhat necessary based on the stories, but I think things can be done better in the ring to tell stories than just having a brawl.