WWE NXT – 8/31/10


It’s all come down to this.  Last night was the finale of season two of WWE NXT.  The three finalists have worked hard to get to the final episode, and there will be one more poll to determine who is the WWE’s next breakout star.  I have my pick, and I bet you have yours.  Who won?  Read on to find out:

Video Package: Highlights from season two of NXT reintroducing us to all the fallen rookies and the final three competitors vying for the title of WWE’s next breakout star.

Ashley Valence introduces the WWE Pros who’s rookies have been eliminated.  The remaining pros introduce their rookies and come to the ring.

Matt Striker is in the ring with the finalists and their pros.  He points out that the eliminated rookies are sitting in the front row to watch the show.  Striker then tells them that they have come so far, but it’s not over yet.  Two rookies will be eliminated and only one can be named the winner of NXT season two.

  • Striker then announces that tonight all three rookies will compete in a triple threat match.
  • Tensions are high and rookie Kaval starts jawing and getting into a brawl with The MizKofi Kingston & Michael McGillicutty start to attack Miz’s rookie, Alex Riley.  Miz and Riley get tossed out of the ring.

Michael Cole & Josh Matthews talk about season three of NXT starting next week being all about the Divas.

Backstage: Kelly Kelly introduces her rookie for season three, Naomi. (Video Package is shown)

Kaval with LayCool vs. Alex Riley with The Miz vs. Michael McGillicutty with Kofi Kingston
WINNER: Riley via pin fall on McGillicutty after shoving Kaval off top rope (setting up for Warrior’s Way)

Backstage: Alicia Fox introduces her rookie for season three, Maxine. (Video Package is shown)

Backstage: Goldust introduces his rookie for season three, Aksana. (Video Package is shown)

Matt Striker is ringside with the fallen NXT rookies and asks them for comment on who they think will win the show?

  • Titus O’Neil believes Alex Riley
  • Eli Cottonwood believes Alex Riley
  • Lucky Cannon gives no answer and cuts promo about how show went downhill when he was eliminated.
  • Percy Watson believes Michael McGillicutty
  • Husky Harris believes Michael McGillicutty


  • Matt Striker gives him a chance to comment.  Says that thirteen weeks ago no one knew who he was, and he still believes that he’s the most athletic person contest.  He says to bet on him as the “future of the WWE.”

Backstage: The Bella Twins introduce their rookie for season three, Jamie. [announcer chick] (Video Package is shown)

Backstage: Primo introduces his rookie for season three, AJ. (Video Package is shown)

Matt Striker is in the ring with the final two competitors, Michael McGillicutty & Kaval.  He has each of them speak as to why they should be declared the winner of NXT.

  • Michael McGillicutty comments on Kaval’s pros (LayCool), his “wet suit” (ring attire), and how long it took him to get to the WWE.
  • Kaval responds that McGillicutty has a ton of accolades, but comments on how hard he himself has worked over the years to get there and how he’s earned the respect of people all over the world.

Backstage: Vickie Guerrero introduces her rookie for season three, Aloisia. (Video Package is shown)

Matt Striker reveals the winner of NXT to the world…


  • LayCool run down to the ring to celebrate with Kaval, while Michael McGillicutty looks pissed (stone faced though).
  • Matt Striker gives McGillicutty the chance to speak.  He’s in disbelief that Kaval won and thinks that Kaval wrestling on a PPV is going to suck.  He says that even though he lost his guaranteed title shot, he’s still planning on being a world champion.
  • Striker gets comment from Kaval who can barely get out the words “thank you” before he’s jumped by the fallen NXT rookies who jumped the rail.
  • The WWE pros run down to the ring to help him, but ultimately the fallen rookies stand tall and destroy Kaval.

Video Package: A look back at season two.


Well, the best wrestler actually won the season, but that really doesn’t mean anything.  Kaval could be fired tomorrow for his rap from a couple weeks ago, and I don’t know if anyone within WWE would bat an eye.  I know there would be an uproar from the fans.  I can only hope that WWE uses Kaval properly.

As for the future of the fallen rookies, I’m guessing that WWE is going to keep all of them around.  The fallen members of the “final four” are the only ones who are really worthy of being on the main talent roster (McGillicutty, Riley, and Harris).  I think all of them could be good heels in the WWE, but I don’t think right now that any of them are destined for anything more than midcard stauts.  I think Riley will run his course because he’s too much like The Miz.  Harris will get left behind probably because of politics behind his body type.  McGillicutty has the best shot at breaking out, but again it’s all on the creative team and if they use him properly.

I’m not really looking forward to season three with divas.  I can only cross my fingers and hope that they actually teach the women how to wrestle down in Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW).  I have to say I loved Josh Matthews’ reaction when they introduced Aloisa who’s a legitimate “Amazon” standing at 6’9″ tall.  He freaked out when she was shown.