TNA Impact – 9/2/10


This is the last edition of Impact before this Sunday’s No Surrender PPV, and there is still disarray in TNA.  Fourtune still thinks they’re running the show.  Abyss is still running wild.  EV2.0 is trying to mount an offense.  What will happen this week?

Video Package: TNA’s Title Tournament is set to continue this Sunday at No Surrender with the Semi-Final matches.

Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff & Ms. Tessmacher all come to the ring.  Hulk sings the praises of the talent in the back and then brings out the four competitors that will participate in the World Title Tournament (Kurt Angle, D’Angelo Dinero, Jeff Hardy & Mr. Anderson).  He tells them that whoever wins the tourney that they have to continue to raise the bar as the TNA World Champion.

  • Eric Bischoff adds that tonight is a tag team match that will feature the four competitors…
  • Interrupted by Abyss who comes through the crowd with his weapon, Janice.  He puts the weapon down, grabs a mic, and gets in the ring.  He tells Hulk that he’s got news from THEM… (Hulk still believes that it’s Fourtune).  Abyss says THEY were never EV2.0 or Fourtune.  THEY have given him a date for their revelation, 10/10/10 (The date of Bound For Glory PPV).  Abyss believes that THEY are going to turn TNA upside down and systematically destroy the company.

Video Package: History of the rivalry between the once friends of The Beautiful People.

Angelina Love & Velvet Sky vs. Madison Rayne & Biker Chick
WINNER: Rayne/Biker via pin fall after chick hit Sky with helmet; Madison with pin

  • Post match, beat down of Love/Sky.  The biker chick reveals herself… It’s Tara!!!

Backstage: Stevie Richards getting ready for his match with Abyss saying that he’s not afraid of “the monster” and he’s going to step out of the shadow of his EV2.0 brothers tonight.

Video Package: Look back at Abyss with comments from random TNA Superstars.

Stevie Richards vs. Abyss
WINNER: Richards via pin fall after hitting Abyss with a Stevie Kick while Abyss was holding a chair in front of face

  • Post match, Abyss attacks Richards from behind.  He destroys Stevie and then goes for Janice.  Brian Kendrick comes out to save Richards
  • Meanwhile, EV2.0 and Fourtune are in a scuffle backstage.  Mick Foley is on the ground holding his ankle.

Backstage: Mr. Anderson talks about not knowing if he can trust “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero who happens to be standing behind him.

  • Pope tells Anderson not to screw him over tonight.

EV2.0 members come to the ring (Mick Foley, Tommy Dreamer, Sabu & Rhino).  Dreamer calls out Fourtune.

  • All the Fourtune members come out to the ramp.  AJ Styles speaks for the group talking trash to Fourtune saying they’ll be slaughtered in their matches at No Surrender.
  • Tommy Dreamer doesn’t want to wait till Sunday.  Tells them to pick four to face them four.

Backstage: Jeff Jarrett talking to Samoa Joe trying to convince him once again to watch his back from Sting & Kevin Nash.

  • Joe says if there’s one thing he’s learned in this business is to mind your own business.

Backstage: Sting and Kevin Nash on their way to the entrance ramp talking about someone arriving soon.

  • Jarrett cuts promo to camera talking about how Sting/Nash are going to destroy TNA and how he hopes that someone steps up to help him.

Jeff Jarrett vs. Sting with Kevin Nash
WINNER: Sting via pin fall after Nash interfered without the ref seeing three times

  • Post match, Sting/Nash double team Jarrett when Hulk Hogan’s music hits and he walks towards the ring.
  • Sting moves outside with bat around Jarrett’s throat.  Nash back in the ring gets jumped by Samoa Joe.
  • Sting and Joe eventually stare down on the the floor.  Do NOT come to blows.  Sting tells him “wrong place, wrong time.”

Taz & Mike Tenay run down the card for this Sunday’s No Surrender PPV.

London Brawling is in the ring.  Desmond Wolfe & Magnus (along with Chelsea) are ranting about how they’re the best tag team in TNA and on Sunday when they take on the Motor City Machine Guns they’ll prove it.

  • The Guns come out to the ring and crack a few jokes at the Brits’ expense.  Eventually poking fun at their sexuality.  Wolfe makes a crack about his size, and Chelsea doesn’t back up the claim (Desmond was pissed).
  • Brawl breaks out and London Brawling stands tall.

Backstage: EV2.0 is talking about their situation and being thinned out with injuries.  Trainer is tending to Mick Foley and says that he probably shouldn’t wrestle tonight.

  • In walks Brian Kendrick who offers his services to fill in for Mick tonight.
  • Mick says Kendrick is out of his mind, and is perfect for EV2.0.

Backstage: Jeff Hardy & Kurt Angle talking about their tag team match tonight and their match this weekend as part of the World Title Tournament.  Hardy says he’s going to win, and Angle doesn’t plan on losing either.

Elimination Tag Team Match
Fourtune (AJ Styles, Kazarian & Beer Money Inc.) vs. EV2.0 (Tommy Dreamer, Sabu, Rhino, Brian Kendrick)
WINNERS: Fourtune – AJ Styles is the lone survivor pinning Tommy Dreamer

“The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero & Mr. Anderson vs. Kurt Angle & Jeff Hardy
WINNERS: Pope/Anderson via pin fall; Mic Check on Angle (Pope gets pin fall)

  • Post match, brawls break out between the competitors for this Sunday’s World Title Tournament.


Hoping that the MMG vs. London Brawling feud might even be on the same playing field as the one the Guns just had against Beer Money.  We’ll see what happens on Sunday.

Shocker of shockers.  The biker chick turns out to be Tara.  I really don’t know why it’s Tara, but I figured that’s who it was when she first appeared.

I have this terrible feeling in my gut that TNA has this crazy idea of turning Hulk Hogan heel and aligning him with Nash and Sting… When Sting said something about a person arriving, and then Hulk came out, but never really did anything, I got queasy.  I would hate to see that happen.

I think this EV2.0 angle should just go away… I’m not really fond of how they’re going about things, and it’s just boring to me right now.  Hopefully we’ll see some sort of power move on Sunday for either them or Fourtune.