Smackdown! – 9/3/10


The epic rivalry between The Undertaker and the World Champion, Kane, continues on Smackdown.  Kane had a “major announcement” that would shake things up going into Night of Champions in a few weeks.  What was it?  Read on and find out.

Video Package: The Undertaker was attacked and put in a vegetative state.  Kane stood up for his brother and believed it was Rey Mysterio who attacked.  It wasn’t.  It was the “Big Red Monster” himself.  Since then, the Brothers of Destruction have been at odds.

Alberto Del Rio is introduced and comes to the ring where a fiesta is awaiting him.  He shows a video package of what he did to Rey Mysterio last week.  The incident fractured Rey’s wrist.  Del Rio says that Rey is ashamed, that’s why he wears a mask.  Alberto beats down a pinata in the ring wearing a Mysterio mask saying that Rey is now broken.  He goes to have a champagne toast to himself.

  • Interrupted by Christian who’s a little upset about what he did to Rey.  Christian starts teasing him by calling him names like JBL (Juan Bradshaw Layfield) and Enrique Iglesias, even starts to sing his song, Hero.
  • Del Rio threatens Christian saying that he doesn’t want to end up like Rey.
  • Christian says he’s got a match tonight, but doesn’t mind doing something now…
  • Things look like they’re going to come to blows, but Del Rio walks away saying another place and another time.
  • Christian still in the ring gets jumped from behind by Drew McIntyre (his opponent tonight), knocking him out of the ring.
  • Del Rio takes the opportunity to pour champagne on Christian.

Christian vs. Drew McIntyre
WINNER: Christian via jacknife pin fall

Non-Title Match
Kelly Kelly vs. Michelle McCool with Layla (On Commentary)
WINNER: McCool via pin fall after hitting the Faith Breaker

Backstage: A doctor is hooking up electrode monitors on HornswoggleTeddy Long comes into the office wondering what’s going on.  The doctor says that he’s tried to help Hornswoggle with his communication skills and nothing normal has worked.  He’s now going to try something drastic, electroshock therapy.

  • Teddy looks hesitant, but asks for Hornswoggle to give it a try.  The doctor shocks him twice, and Hornswoggle is done.  He takes the monitors off and sticks one to the doctor’s head and turns it on, shocking the doctor.  Hornswoggle and Teddy leave.

Non-Title Match
Chris Masters vs. Dolph Ziggler with Vickie Guerrero
WINNER: Ziggler via pin fall after hitting the Zig Zag

Big Show vs. CM Punk & Luke Gallows with Joey Mercury
WINNER: Big Show via submission with a variation of a Camel Clutch/Rear chin lock

  • Post match, Punk is so pissed that he hits Gallows with the Go To Sleep

VIP Lounge is set up and this time around, the host is Jack Swagger after winning his bet with MVP. Swagger’s guest is his daddy who’s been all beaten up and is sitting in a wheel chair with a neck brace on.  Swagger Sr.  says he’s so proud of his son, and asks him to do some push ups to show off.

  • MVP interrupts the segment saying that there’s nothing ballin’ about this VIP Lounge.
  • Swagger gets upset with him, and MVP says I own the VIP Lounge and tonight it’s closed for renovations.  MVP goes to attack Swagger and Jack uses his daddy in the wheel chair as a shield.  Swagger Sr. ends up on the canvas, and Jack ends up on the outside.  MVP hits Senior with Ballin’.

Matt Hardy to the ring.  He’s followed by his opponent, “Dashing” Cody Rhodes who cuts a promo on Hardy as he walks the aisle poking fun at his hygiene and weight.

Cody Rhodes vs. Matt Hardy
WINNER: Rhodes via pin fall after hitting Cross Rhodes

Kane appears on the TitanTron in the arena, he’s backstage.  He cuts a promo saying that The Undertaker’s end will come at Night of Champions when he defends his World Title against his brother.  Kane says that he’s longed for his brother’s powers, and now they’re his!

  • Out to the ring come some druids and they’re wheeling a casket.  Out of the casket pops Kane.  He continues the promo saying that there is nothing his brother can do about it.  Kane shows the video package of what happened to Taker earlier this week on RAW.  He believes that The Undertaker will be nothing more than a memory and nothing can stop him!
  • Taker’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring.  As soon as he steps foot in the ring, the music stops and the lights go out.  When the lights come back on, Kane is no longer in the ring, and is backstage appearing on TitanTron.  He says to Taker, after Night of Champions, you will be known as the brother I destroyed!


I can’t help but love Christian’s witty humor… I know that people have compared Alberto Del Rio’s entrance with the fancy car to John Bradshaw Layfield (JBL), but the Juan Bradshaw Layfield joke had me rolling on the floor.  Totally caught me off guard.  Also, I think Christian should stick to wrestling because his singing sucked.

For the most part, the show sucked.  I wasn’t really into it at all.  The matches weren’t terrible, but there wasn’t really anything too epic that made me stand up and cheer.

Kane’s announcement wasn’t really a huge announcement like WWE always builds things up to be.  He’s going to face Taker at Night of Champions… Like we didn’t see that coming anyway!  Stevie Wonder could’ve seen that coming!