TNA No Surrender – Preview/Predictions


This month, TNA’s PPV offering is called No Surrender.  This is going to be the precursor to their epic Bound For Glory PPV coming on 10/10/10.  Tonight’s card boast eight matches.  Here’s the rundown:

Tag Team Title Match
Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelly) [Champions] vs. London Brawling (Magnus & Desmond Wolfe)

  • After the epic series between the Guns and Beer Money Inc., the only way I can see London Brawling taking the tag team titles tonight would be because of outside interference.  Brawling has made waves on TNA Epics (UK Show), but have yet to really show their stuff for the American audience.  I believe that the Guns will retain.
  • UPDATE: Rumor going around that Generation Me may be thrown into this match up as a replacement for London Brawling… Not sure how much truth there is to this as TNA has not updated their site as of yet.  I still go with MMG to retain.

Falls Count Anywhere Match
Abyss vs. Rhino
SHOULD: Abyss WILL: Abyss

  • Rhino has tried to step up and go toe to toe with Abyss as of late since “The Monster” took out his good friend Rob Van Dam.  Ultimately, I think that Abyss’ reign of terror will continue and Rhino will be left battered and bloody.

Velvet Sky vs. Madison Rayne
SHOULD: Velvet WILL: Velvet

  • I was under the impression that Angelina Love would be defending the Knockout’s Title tonight, but TNA’s website says otherwise.  The Beautiful People faction is severed, and now Velvet hates Madison with a passion.  Tara has been revealed as Madison’s bodyguard and that changes the game a little bit.  She and Madison have been getting the best of Angelina and Velvet as of late, so that’s why I’ll select Velvet to win tonight.

X-Division Title Match
Sabu vs. Doug Williams [Champion]
SHOULD: Williams WILL: Williams

  • I will be extremely upset if Doug Williams loses the X-Division Title to Sabu.  Yes, Sabu is one of the most “suicidal, genocidal, homicidal, death defying” people on the planet, but that doesn’t mean that they have to make him the X-Division champion.  This match was practically thrown together on a whim because of the rivalry between EV2.0 & Fourtune.  Williams is a good champion, and I think he should stay that way to keep Fourtune strong.

Kevin Nash & Sting vs. Jeff Jarrett & Samoa Joe
SHOULD: Jarrett/Joe WILL: Nash/Sting

  • Jarrett has had a beef with Sting and Nash for awhile now and he believes that they are a cancer when it comes to the locker room.  Nash & Sting just don’t like Jarrett.  Samoa Joe got dragged into this situation just recently as Jeff has been pestering him to take a stand.  This is one match where I think that the two veterans will have the edge because of their dastardly ways.  Sting & Nash win this one.

World Title Tournament – Semi Finals
Mr. Anderson vs. “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero
SHOULD: Pope WILL: Anderson

  • This rivalry goes back to when The Pope was injured by Anderson about six months ago (or so…).  Pope still wants some sort of retribution, and Anderson just chalks it up to being an asshole.  Ultimately, I think that Pope was destined for the title, but the injury hurt his cause.  Tonight, I think that something else is in the cards and that Anderson will make it to the finals at Bound For Glory.

World Title Tournament – Semi Finals
Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy
SHOULD: Angle WILL: Angle

  • There’s a little more respect in this rivalry than in the other semi final match up.  Kurt is still on his quest to topple the Top 10 and get back the World Title.  If he loses to Jeff tonight, he’s going to walk away from professional wrestling… I don’t think tonight will be the night.  Angle wins and moves on to the finals.

I Quit Match
AJ Styles vs. Tommy Dreamer
SHOULD: Dreamer WILL: Dreamer

  • This match I’m a little torn about.  I personally like Tommy Dreamer.  He’s a nice guy, and very passionate about the wrestling business, but I think that this EV2.0 angle is slowly destroying TNA.  However, at the state the storyline is in right now, Tommy has to win this match up tonight to keep the spirits up of EV2.0.  As of right now with my predictions, the other two members of his faction would have lost, and he needs the win more now than ever.  AJ Styles could run circles around him normally, but we’ll see how extreme this one gets considering I Quit Matches usually have a no DQ stipulation attached to them.

TNA’s No Surrender PPV starts at 5pm PST/8pm EST.  I’ll be back tomorrow for all the results and my review of the outcomes.