TNA No Surrender – Results/Review


TNA’s latest PPV, No Surrender is in the books, and it was a good showing for Dixie Carter‘s group of superstars.  Here’s how the show went down:

Tag Team Title Match
Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelly) [Champions] vs. Generation Me (Max & Jeremy Buck)
WINNERS: Guns via pin fall after hitting Skull & Bones (Neckbreaker/Splash Combo)

  • What a great match to kick off the PPV!!!  These guys put on another great match.  It’s just upsetting that London Brawling was pulled from the match up.  I don’t remember hearing what the reasoning was behind why they were removed… probably because I was chowing down on some fresh off the grill BBQ ribs! NOM-NOM!

X-Division Title Match
Sabu vs. Doug Williams [Champion]
WINNER: Williams via pin fall after hitting Sabu with the X-Division Title when ref’s back was turned

  • I’m happy they didn’t put the X-Division Title on Sabu.  Thank God!  For the most part, this match was uber competitive, and we got what we all came to see… the human botch-machine that is Sabu.  He screwed up his chair to top rope to dive move, and then he put Williams, only partially on a table and then slingshot over the top rope to the floor through the table… Williams essentially just got off the table and Sabu crashed and burned.

Velvet Sky with Angelina Love vs. Madison Rayne with Tara
WINNER: Velvet via pin fall after hitting Madison with a wicked DDT

  • This match wasn’t great at all… It’s nice to watch the women roll around, but from a wrestling stand point, this wasn’t even close to being good.  Velvet won pretty decisively even though Tara tried to get involved.  Luckily Vel-Vel had her BFF Angelina there to watch her back.

Falls Count Anywhere Match
Abyss vs. Rhino
WINNER: Abyss via pin fall after hitting the Black Hole Slam in the center of the ring

  • I really wasn’t into this match up until the finish, and it was only because I was able to call how it ended.  A steel guard rail was set up in the corner and Rhino trying to Gore Abyss, Gored the hell out of the guard rail instead and then walked right into a Black Hole Slam.  One of my friends said that Abyss probably won’t lose until Bound For Glory, and I’m sort of leaning in that direction as well.

Kevin Nash & Sting vs. Jeff Jarrett & Samoa Joe
WINNERS: Jarrett/Joe via referee stoppage as Joe choked out Sting

  • I didn’t see this one coming.  I thought that the dirty tricks of the veteran heels would be able to out do Jarrett/Joe.  Mid match, while the ref was dealing with Nash/Joe on the outside, Jarrett took Sting’s bat and swung for the fences.  Turn about is fair play there Stinger.

I Quit Match
AJ Styles vs. Tommy Dreamer
WINNER: Styles via submission after stabbing Dreamer in the eye with a fork

  • Yes, you read that outcome correctly.  Two different forks were introduced into this match up, both of which by Styles.  Late in the match AJ brought out a fork and stabbed Dreamer in the head with it causing him to bleed pretty badly.  He then grabbed Dreamer in a version of a Camel Clutch and progressed to put pressure on Dreamer’s eye (flat side down – he’s not really going to take his eye out).  I’m guessing that next episode of Impact, Dreamer’s rocking a patch!  ARRRHHHH!!!

World Title Tournament – Semi Finals
Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy
WINNER: No Contest – Time Limit Draw

  • This has got to be one of TNA’s best matches of this year.  This match apparently had a 20 minute time limit on it, and it went to the max, just as Angle was going to force Hardy to tap.  Eric Bischoff comes out and consults with Dixie Carter.  They decide to add five more minutes.  Five minutes go by, still no winner.  Match restarted again with another five minutes.  In this second overtime period, Angle controls, but Hardy busts Angle’s forehead open.  The time limit comes up again, and the trainers check on Angle and determine that the match should NOT continue.  Bischoff declares it a No Contest.  No idea how they’re going to figure out the tournament now.

World Title Tournament – Semi Finals
Mr. Anderson vs. “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero
WINNER: Anderson via pin fall after hitting the Mic Check

  • This match fell way short of expectations, especially having to be on after the great match that Angle/Hardy just put on.  Anderson was able to score the victory, and part of me was hoping for him to call out Bischoff and demand that because no one was able to win the other match that he be declared World Champion.  Didn’t happen though…  Now I’m really not sure what they’re going to do… Some ideas would be a triple threat at Bound For Glory between Anderson/Angle/Hardy, or have another match between Angle/Hardy with no time limit, and then have Anderson on commentary for shits and giggles.

I have to give it to TNA on this one.  It was a solid offering from them.  Some things I really didn’t expect much from and was blown away, and then there were others that I didn’t expect much from and got just that.  The only thing that I’m irritated about from this PPV is that they announced that there is no episode of Impact until the 16th of Sept… CRAP!!!  Give all the dirt sheets and radio shows time to speculate on what’s going to happen.

Thanks for checking in.  Till next time…