Monday Night RAW – 9/6/10


After last week’s 900th episode celebration, RAW is back to the normal routine and the WWE superstars are looking to make waves as we draw closer to Night of Champions.  Who would gain some momentum and who would fall off the wagon?  Find out here:

The Nexus are in the ring.  They rave about how things went last week on the anniversary show.  They talk about how they took out The Undertaker (video package shown).  Wade Barrett brags about “de-venomizing the Viper.”

  • Randy Orton interrupts the segment and says that Barrett forgot that he took out two members of Nexus in about 30 seconds.  Orton says that he doesn’t care who he has to pin at Night of Champions to win the WWE Title, but he’s going to make it his business to hit Barrett with an RKO.
  • Email comes in from the anonymous General Manager.  GM says that last week was a historic night for Nexus, but tonight we’re going to see Justin Gabriel vs. John Cena and Wade Barrett vs. Randy Orton.

Chris Jericho comes to the ring for a match.  There’s another email from the GM.  It says that because Jericho and Edge took themselves out of the main event last week, there will be appropriate consequences.  If Jericho or Edge lose their match tonight, they’ll be removed from the 6-pack challenge at Night of Champions.

Chris Jericho vs. John Morrison
WINNER: Morrison via pin fall after hitting Starship Pain

  • Post match, Jericho looks like he’s about to cry as he takes a seat on the ring steps to ponder what just happened.

Diva’s Title Match
Melina (Champion) vs. Alicia Fox
WINNER: Melina via pin fall after hitting the Sunset Split (leg drop)

Backstage: The Miz is raving to Josh Matthews about his awesomeness.  He’s got something hiding under a curtain.  Josh goes for a look and Miz stops him.  I guess we’ll see it later.

Backstage: Edge ranting in the locker room to Zack Ryder about having to put his spot in the 6-pack challenge on the line tonight.

  • Ryder says that title shots are precious and shouldn’t be taken for granted.
  • Edge says out loud for the GM to hear that he want’s Zack Ryder for his opponent and if he isn’t that he’s going to bash the computer he communicates with to pieces.

Backstage: Ted DiBiase on the phone with someone saying “I love spending time with you…” as Maryse walks in.  She gets upset with him about it, and it was his mom.

  • Maryse says that she was just back at the limo to get her purse and found a note that says “I want you so bad.”  She thought it was from Ted.  He claims he didn’t write it, and wonders why she would think it’s for her and that it might be for him.
  • She gets pissed at him and starts ranting in French.

Justin Gabriel vs. John Cena
WINNER: Cena via pin fall after hitting an Attitude Adjustment from the middle rope to counter 450 splash

Video Package: Behind the scenes of John Cena’s new movie, Legendary.

The Miz is in the ring and recounts his road to awesome from Tough Enough all the way to the present day.  He’s done it all the while people were dogging him along the way.  Miz reveals the curtain to show that he’s on the cover of the newest edition of WWE Magazine, and says that he’s officially made it.

  • Out walks Daniel Bryan who congratulates the Miz, but says that he can beat him for the US Title!  Miz doesn’t believe he deserves a title shot.  Bryan shows him what the next WWE Magazine might look like if he did beat The Miz (fake cover shown saying Miz Taps).
  • Miz is getting angry now saying “I don’t like you… You say you can beat me… I will annihilate you!
  • Bryan throws out the challenge… Miz accepts!  Then tries to attack.  Bryan dodges and locks on the LaBell Lock (version of a crossface).  Out of nowhere Bryan gets attacked by Alex Riley (Miz’s former NXT Rookie).  Bryan counters with a kick to Riley’s head.  He throws Miz out of the ring and then puts Riley in the LaBell Lock and he screams/taps.  Miz refuses to get back in the ring.  Bryan lets go of the lock on Riley and then kicks down the magazine cover.

Edge vs. The Great Khali with Ranjin Singh
WINNER: Edge via count out

  • Post match, email from GM comes in to restart the match as an over the top rope challenge because Edge tried to get a cheap win.

Over The Top Rope Challenge
Edge vs. Khali
WINNER: Edge via pulling Khali over the top rope from the floor by the foot.

Backstage: Josh Matthews catches up with Chris Jericho who’s sitting in silence.  Asks him about what he’s going to do now since he won’t be able to win the WWE Title by Night of Champions like he hoped.  No response from Chris.  Josh leaves.

  • John Morrison walks up and patronizes Jericho asking him about his day and tells him that things will get better.

Wade Barrett vs. Randy Orton
WINNER: Orton via pin after hitting RKO

  • John Cena, Sheamus and Edge on commentary.
  • Mid match, former Nexus member, Darren Young, comes out and distracts Barrett saying that he “wasn’t the weak link, he’s the missing link.”  It gave Orton the opening to get the win.
  • Post match, Edge and Sheamus try to jump Orton, but he counters both with an RKO.
  • John Cena gets in the ring and he and Orton stare down.


I’m a little leery of this story line with Chris Jericho being removed from the 6-Pack Challenge at Night of Champions.  He said that if he didn’t win the WWE Title by then, he’d quit the WWE… Well, I don’t know what the WWE would do without Chris Jericho.  If Y2J leaves the WWE, it would be a real blow to the industry.

YES!!! It’s finally going to happen.  The Miz vs. Daniel Bryan!!!  I’m excited to see this go down.  Since the first season of NXT and the rivalry they had, all the way to the present day, it’s about time that they finally lock horns!