WWE’s Top 50 Greatest Superstars DVD thoughts


Most recently I took a look at WWE’s release of what they picked as the 50 greatest superstars of all time in professional wrestling. Even tho the list has been out for a while now, I hadn’t rely got the chance to take a look at the list. Until now that is, and boy did this give me the biggest headache in a very long time.

Even more of a bigger headache then TNA’s new WHC title re-design. You have a list like this come out into the public, and don’t ever reconsider the fans on this one, but to get so called “officials” to create such a list as this? To me, that’s what makes this whole release on it’s own head desk worthy to no extent. Leaving out crutial superstars that are hall of fame material, and no tag teams on the list makes this in no way official (tho the same can be said about any other list that has the word official on it, but I digress). After looking at the certain picks that they considered worthy of that spot, there are mistakes to be made. I’m not just speaking minor mistakes, I’m talking about alot of mistakes prior to this release. Here’s a few things that confused me about the list:

1) No Owen Hart on the list: When you have a superstar like Owen Hart not appear on a list of the top 50 greatest superstars of all time, there has to be something wrong with you. Looking back at what he’s done before his death, you’d expect him to at least get in the top 30 or mid 20’s. I’ve always considered him to be one of my favorites of all time, but to not include him in something such as this is a big smack to the face to anyone that is a die hard wrestling fan. Better yet, anyone that grew up durring the mid 80’s to the early 90’s back when wrestling was in it’s prime.

2) Superstars that shouldn’t be put on the list: Superstars like Jeff Hardy, and Rey Mysterio don’t need to be on the list. I understand that both have fans and I understand that they have talent unlike any other. However, to put them on this list when either one not having as much memorible moments as they should be is beyond me. There are more wrestlers disserving (as said before, Owen Hart being one them) of the top 50 spots then those two, and I think it’s safe to say that alot of other people besides myself can agree with that. I may not be a fan of either one, but they can do some crazy stuff in the ring. But, putting them in the top 50? No. Putting them in the top 100? Yes.

3) Superstar spot choices: The top 10 almost has everything in picture perfect form, if it wasn’t missing some big time players and didn’t have Rey Mysterio (read back on the previous part). Names like Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, and Triple H are for some reason not in the top 10, and that is a bit strange if you ask me. But just because two of the names that I said are apart of a company to compete against WWE *cough TNA cough*, doesn’t make it right to put them in such low places to begin with. If your going to have a top 10, do it right. But that’s not my biggest complaint out of everything else that I just named. My biggest gripe with the list is the next and final topic that I wish to discuss…

4) John Cena making the top 20: Out of all the things WWE has done with this list, wether it being some superstars not making the top 10, or the fact of Jeff Hardy and Rey Mysterio making the list, nothing gets me angrier then John Cena coming in at good ol’ #16. Explain this to me; How does someone, like John Cena, get that possition and is conisidered better then WWE legends? I’m not just speaking legends, I’m speaking actual and future HoFers. Names like Chris Jericho, Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, Terry Funk, Hulk Hogan, Pat Patterson, The Iron Sheik, Jimmy Snuka, Mick Foley, Kurt Angle, Buddy Rogers, and even Gorilla Monsoon, John Cena tops above all of them. How can you say that this is official, when in reality John Cena is not better then any of those people that I just listed? If any place on this list that he should have been placed it should be around 45 and not the freaking top 20. Yes he has made a few memorible moments (one of them being his WM20 match for the US title against Big Show), but they don’t stand out as much as any of the other superstars that stand under Cena’s possition. If anything from what WWE has told us upon this release, this isn’t catering to the older fans like myself, it’s catering to the new borns. Because they see John Cena as something cool, when in reality many of the crituqes are shaking their heads in disbelief.

That’s basically all I have to post. You can take this either way you want, but if anything that we’ve learned from this is that we know who’s good and who’s not. Hopefully WWE will realize what they have done wrong and maybe in another decade or so release a new DVD with a much better list. Cause it’s crap like this that won’t cut it for fans like myself.