RAW 12/06/10 Review


Here is what went down this Monday on RAW:

-Video package opens up for the evening showing what occurred last week with the WWE championship.

-We then go to the announcement table were we see CM Punk and Jerry Lawler, and no Micheal Cole in sight. Both Punk and Lawler then begin to talk about what happened with the WWE championship that Cole interfered in. Suddenly, Micheal Cole appears coming down the entrance ramp explaining his actions that occurred last week. He then says that he regrets interfering during the match making Jerry lose his chances of winning. However, he says that he doesn’t regret supporting the Miz on his success as of late in the WWE. He then continues by saying that it should be Jerry that should say sorry for basking in the glory that belongs to the Miz. Jerry then gets up and is prepared to finish what he started with Cole. However, the GM puts an end to it by asking both them to shake hands. They do, and Jerry says that there is someone else that does want to say something. Out comes Randy Orton saying that he understands why Miz would cash in Money In the Bank cause he would have done the same thing. He then says worn knee or not that he’ll face Miz for the title tonight. Miz along with Alex Riley says that it won’t happen tonight and that he’ll have to wait until TLC. Alex then makes a suggestion by taking Miz’s place for a match tonight. Randy accepts the challenge and then tells Miz that even hurt knee or not, that he’ll need just one move to win. He then RKO’s Micheal Cole to end the segment.

Match #1: Bree Bela & Daniel Brian VS Ted Dibiasae & Maryse
Winners: Bree Bela & Daniel Brian by pin
Rating: Decent

Match #2: David Hart Smith VS Tyson Kidd
Winner: Tyson Kidd by pin
Rating: Good

Match #3: Santino & Kozlov VS The Uso’s VS Mark Henry & Yoshi Tatsu VS Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater (Fatal 4 Way Elimination for the WWE Tag Team Championships)
Winners: Santino & Kozlov
Rating: Good

Match #4: Natalya VS Malena
Winner: Natalya by submission
Rating: Decent

Match #5: Randy Orton VS Alex Riley
Winner: Randy Orton by DQ from Miz
Rating: Decent

Final Thoughts: Well, looks like for the second year in a row that the WWE title will be decided in a tables match. That’ll fit right into Miz’s favor hopefully, and maybe we’ll see if Miz can try to keep the title around for a few more defenses.

I will say that after only just three weeks on the job, CM Punk has now become my favorite announcer for WWE. He actually makes some of the best commentary out there that I have heard in a very long time. Also, that segment with the GM email was pretty well done. So congrats CM Punk, and hope to hear more from you in future endeavors with the broadcasting crew.

The biggest surprise of the night was Santino finally using the cobra effectively to win a championship. We’ll see just how far this title reign will go.

Another thing I wanted to cover on is the whole thing with Cena and Barrett. Cena did a number on Nexus again tonight, and it seems the other members are not happy with their supposed leader. So now we’ll have to see if Barrett allows Cena to be hired back into the WWE, or leave Nexus. Everybody can already tell you that it’s a no brainier about Cena getting his damn job back. Even though the guy hasn’t really left the WWE anyway, still wearing the Cenation clothes that he always wears.