The 2010 Slammy’s Results/Review


Here’s the second half of my Raw review. Here is what went down this past Monday for the Slammy’s:

Shocker Of the Year:
-Miz becomes WWE Champion
-Nexus debuts on RAW
-Paul Berrer’s heel turn at Hell In a Cell
-Randy Orton punting Chris Jericho

Should win: Nexus debuts on RAW
Actual winner: Nexus debuts on RAW

Despicable Me Award:
-Drew McIntyre tortures Teddy Long
-Kane burying Undertaker
-Mcmahon low blows Bret Hart
-CM Punk singing happy birthday to Rey Mysterio’s daughter

Should win: Drew McIntyre Teddy Long
Actual winner: CM Punk singing happy birthday to Rey Mysterio’s daughter

Guest Star Shinning Moment:
-Mike Tyson KO’s Chris Jericho
-Pee Wee VS Miz
-Wayne Brady get’s RKO’d
-William Shatner sings WWE music

Should win: William Shatner sings WWE music
Acutal winner: Pee Wee VS Miz

Holy $#!T Move of the Year:
-John Morrison
-Kofi Kingston
-John Cena
-Randy Orton

Should win: Randy Orton
Actual winner: John Cena

WWE Universe Reaction of the Year:
“Cena loses to Nexus” boy
“Shawn Micheals retires” woman
“Kofi Kingson jumps from ladder” guy
Angry Miz Girl

Should win: Angry Miz Girl
Actual winner: Angry Miz Girl

Oh Snap! Moment of the Year:
-Big Show destroys Jack Swagger’s trophies
-Alberto Del Rio breaks Rey Mysterio’s arm
-Edge breaks the Raw GM’s computer
-Batista quits WWE

Should win: Batista quits WWE
Actual winner: Edge breaks the Raw GM’s computer

Knucklehead Moment of the Year:
-CM Punk unmasked
-Mae Young beats Laycool
-Beth Phoenix eliminates The Great Kali
-Kozlov wins a dance off

Should win: Mae Young beats Laycool
Actual winner: Mae Young beats Laycool

Diva of the Year:
-The Bella Twins
-Rosa Mendez
-Gale Kim
-Kelly Kelly
-Alica Fox
-Beth Phoenix

Should win: Natalya/Beth Phoenix
Actual winner: Micheal Mc Cool (Laycool)

Moment of the Year:
-Free or Fired
-“Sheam-full” assualt
-Super-sized spear
-Streak VS Career

Should win: Streak VS Career
Actual winner: Streak VS Career

“And I quote” Award
[There were to many to name]

Should win: DAMN! from Classic Raw night
Actual winner: “And I quote” by Micheal Cole

Superstar of the Year:
-John Cena
-Rey Mysterio
-Randy Orton

Should win: Miz/Randy Orton
Actual winner: John Cena

Final Thoughts: Can’t say I’m surprised about the results to be honest, cause this was a very obvious turn out. WWE truly doesn’t know what the best way to create an awards show without pushing in Cena to get more then everyone else. Hated that Cena got awards that he shouldn’t have when he wasn’t in much except the Nexus storyline and that’s it. Tho he was WWE champion, so I’ll give him that much.

One I kind of figured that was going to be passed out was the one for the Angry Miz Girl. Obviously one of my favorite moments of this year’s slammy’s. Tho then again, I did laugh at the random black guy to. All in all, pretty much a no brainer on that particular award.

I’m very disappointed that Randy didn’t even win a single award. He’s had a lot more memorable moments then anyone else on the list, besides Shawn Micheals’ last match. I was hoping that he’d at least get the Holy $#!T award considering that took great timing on both his and Evan’s part to make that RKO land perfectly. Oh well, guess next year WWE will do a better job with the results.