Impact 12/16/10 Review


Here is what went down this past Thursday on Impact:

-Show opens up with Mat Morgan coming down to the ring. He starts to talk about how he made the right choice to stop Immortal from making Mr. Anderson wrestle while sustaining the concussion that Jeff Hardy gave him with a chair. He then goes on to talk about the upcoming tag match later tonight against Jeff Hardy & Kazarian. He goes on and says that once that bell rings, that you need to be on your A-game and do your part cause he’s got his back tonight. Anderson then shows up, and enters the ring. Anderson starts to thank Morgan for all that he’s done for him the past few months, but he says that he’s a grown man and that he can take care of himself. Morgan then interrupts him and says that he wants to make sure that he’s 100% ready for tonight’s match. Jeff Hardy’s music plays and Jeff stands in the middle right in front of the entrance. Jeff says that they need to finish their little chit chat cause it sounds like they are a married couple. Both Morgan & Anderson both make funny remarks about Jeff’s face paint. Jeff laughs, and then begins the mind games on both of them. He then says that in wrestling it’s not about the fans or about health risk, but about the world heavyweight championship. Jeff then goes on to say that no mater what they say, him and Kazarian both are going to beat them in the Impact Zone. He leaves, and we then see both Morgan & Anderson argue with one another without sound.

Match #1: Jay Leathal VS Robbie E. (X Division title match)
Winner: Jay Leathal by pin
Rating: Decent

Match #2: Generation Me VS Eric Young & Orlando Jordan
Winners: Eric Young & Orlando Jordan by pin
Rating: Decent

Match #3: Tara & Madison Reign VS Micky James & Mrs. Tessmacher (Knockout Tag Team Tourny)
Winners: Tara & Madison Reign by pin
Rating: Decent

Match #4: Bully Ray VS Amazing Red
Winner: Bully Ray by pin
Rating: Poor/Decent

Match #5: Rob Terrie VS RVD
Winner: RVD by pin
Rating: Good

Match: #6: J.J. MMA #2 (Jeff Jarret VS Hossa Rios)
Winner: Jeff Jarret by submission
Rating: Poor

Match: #7: Mat Morgan & Mr. Anderson VS Jeff Hardy & Kazarian
Winners: Jeff Hardy & Kazarian by pin
Rating: Decent

Final Thoughts: Well another Impact is in the books, and needs to be checked badly. Couldn’t rely understand some of the booking that took place tonight that I feel need to be looked at. The only match in my eyes that actually did something “good” was Rob Terrie VS RVD. It’s was the only legitimately good match of the evening. Everything, just fell flat of being anything memorable.

The debut of Brother Ray’s newest character change would have had a good match, if only it wasn’t just him destroying Amazing Red for 5 minutes straight. I like the idea for this, considering Ray says that he is like a bully. However, it would have been better with him ending the match sooner and then having some what like an post match event were he would bully Amazing Red some more.

Eric Young & Orlando Jordan are in no means; any way, shape, or form; a good tag team. The events that took place during tonight’s match confirms that statement. Firstly, why is it we have Eric now wearing the old TNA WHC? I mean, what point is there in any of the that nonsense? I understand Dixie Carter getting it back, but why of all people does it have to be Eric Young? Also during that tag match in order to promote the Hooter’s Christmas special (chicken wings not included), Orlando Jordan comes out wearing a Hooter’s waitress outfit to wrestle in. Note to TNA: Thank you for making me hate Hooter’s now.

Once again, another pointless J.J. MMA match. Can’t rely say that I knew it was going to be just like last time, but I was wrong. It did go on a little longer then the last one, but that’s because the talking took to long to do. I did however like the guy that came into the ring for the match. When asked of his favorite wrestler, he goes in this crazy drunken sound and says Micky James. It was good for a quick laugh, but that doesn’t make up for the fact that this whole MMA thing is stupid on it’s own. Hopefully at Genesis that it’ll be Angle facing him, and making Jarret submit.