My hopes coming into 2011


Well folks, 2010 is almost over. With family and friends finishing up their holiday season before the end of the year, we look to the horizon that is 2011. Wrestling may have not been as good as we had hoped, but let’s face it, this year has made up for the terrible two years that preceded it. However, we do have the new year to look forward to right? Which is why I have devised my few picks of things I’d love to see coming into 2011 for professional wrestling:

1) Drew McIntyre finally getting the push he needs: Out of all the wrestlers who didn’t get much of a push in the WWE, Drew McIntyre has the most potential. Even though he had a run with the Intercontinental Championship, had a brief yet terrible run with Teddy Long, and became Unified Tag Team Champion with Cody Rhodes, he was pushed back like a lot of their good talent. If worked on the right way like they did with Triple H (marrying the company’s daughter not included), we could possibly see a “good” Smackdown main eventer. Let’s face it, it’s people that don’t deserve pushes such as Rey Mysterio that make Smackdown so boring to watch.

2) Raise the bar for older guys like myself for WWE programing: With the news of John Cena’s leg injury this past Tuesday at a house show, we might be able to see a different WWE. I don’t mean the usual bra & panties matches or language being PG-13; I simply mean that we may see matches enter a PG/PG-13 zone. Maybe bringing shows back like Tough Enough and possibly seeing blood finally shed again in a Hell in a Cell or Elimination Chamber match could bring older fans back around to WWE again. Because at this point, TNA’s beaten WWE in appeal. Now if only TNA could get this next one.

3) TNA finally having good matches again: Let’s face it, at this point TNA feels too much like what was happening a year before the downfall of WCW. With the way that it is right now, TNA may not make it to 2012. It has everything going for it and more, but the biggest problem which it needs to work on is making those big draws for it’s company. Out of everything I saw this year, there were only two singles matches that had 3.5 – 5 star ratings. The rest were nothing more than mediocre to just plain poor quality. Event matches like the JJ MMA are just a pointless waste of time for the company. TNA should rely more on having actual one on one matches that are considered “great”. This also applies to their PPV matches, because that’s what helps them rack money in aside from the house and live shows. From the way I see it, the tag team matches and the woman’s matches are better than WWE’s as of now, so if they can fix the singles matches, then TNA will be a little more presentable in 2011.

4) Getting rid of the new TNA WHC title: I still have no idea why of all people Jeff Hardy was tabbed to create the Immortal TNA World Heavyweight Championship title design, but that was a terrible idea to do. The way I see it, after Genesis when Dixie Carter gets TNA back that, they shoudl get the old title back from Eric Young and possibly destroy the “Barney the purple transformer” title belt. But still, at least it’s not as bad as the split woman’s title from earlier this year, right? Right?

5) Make wrestling interesting again: Even though I’ve heard so many great things about Ring of Honor and that I should be watching it (to bad I don’t have HDnet, stupid Direct TV), I still feel as a whole wrestling doesn’t have anything going for it. I want to see more than anything else in the world both WWE and TNA start putting their biggest titles on the line more often. Because let’s face it, the United States and Intercontinental Titles from WWE, along with the TV & X Division titles from TNA, have not had the big pushes on TV as they should have had. I’m not saying the titles should always be retained, but they should be on the line more than they have been as of late. Right now, they are just decoration instead of an actual title belt. Maybe bring back the Hardcore Championship for RAW and the Cruiserweight Championship for Smackdown. Both WWE brands currently have two titles of their own along with the Unified Tag Team and Diva’s championships. But to me, seeing a different title match helps more then seeing a certain match that doesn’t have a feel to it that makes someone want to win that match. But if they want the show to stay PG-friendly, why not bring the European Championship back instead of the Hardcore; there is some amount of history with certain big name superstars that actually give off meaning to that title.

Well I hope you all have enjoyed this post and would like to hear more from you. I just hope that either company does consider ideas like these and possibly makes them happen. If they were to do one thing and one thing only that isn’t on this list that I didn’t name off, it would be not creating another damn beefy super hero character. Because I’d rather see another Austin/Orton, then another Hogan/Cena.

Thanks again for reading, and have a wonderful and happy new year!!