Edge Tribute At SD!, More Stars Pay Tribute + Major HOF Rumors


–After the SmackDown! taping finished last night in Albany, NY, Christian and Edge hugged in the ring and gave the crowd a “Five second pose.” Then the entire WWE roster in attendance, including Triple H, came out on the ramp to pay tribute to Edge. Big Show, Rey Mysterio, Chavo Guerrero and Triple H all Edge and Christian in the ring. Edge gave a long speech to the live crowd, thanking everyone from the ring crew to catering on down. He mentioned Kane as one of his closest friends in the business next to Christian and thanked Lita and Vickie Guerrero. He then said he was going home to vacation and lay low and play with his dogs.

— There are rumors within WWE that WrestleMania in 2013 will take place in Toronto and that both Edge and Trish Stratus will go into the Hall of Fame. More soon.

— Many more stars paid tribute to Edge via their Twitter accounts:

John Cena – “CeNation. I am very proud of edge for all that he has accomplished. He is certain to be in the hall of fame. Im proud to have had so many Great moments with him. He is a true wrestling purist and one of the smartest people I’ve had the pleasure of wrestling with. For your last match to be a championship win at WrestleMania …is a damn good finish to one helluva career.”

The Rock – “Edge – you are my brother, an inspiration and define the word “superstar”. THANK YOU Adam.. for everything.”

Randy Orton – “Will miss Edge not only in ring, but in the lockeroom even more. He was one
of the few who I could call a friend. I learned alot from him.”

Goldust – “Much rather edge be happy and safe without hurting further”

Beth Phoenix – “Seeing edge say goodbye was surreal. He is irreplaceable.”

Sinn Bodhi – “Yes it’s real about Adam… No comment… Except, love you Fatty!”

Gangrel – “Posse up edge! One love. There would be no brood without @christian4peeps and edge was very sad to hear the news but happy to see him start a new life!”

Mick Foley – “A sad day for wrestling, but what an amazing career for Edge. I was so fortunate to have been his opponent, his partner, his friend.

Rikishi – “EDGE You’ve done well. Thank you for your friendship my Canadian UCE !!! Enjoy full-time with family NOW ”

Sean Waltman – “Beside’s I love the guy & I hope he enjoys his retirement, for how ever long it may be. He deserves everything he achieved”

Matt Hardy – “Heard Adam is retiring because of physical issues that won’t allow him to safely continue wrestling. He’ll be missed, we’ve certainly had our fair share of issues.. Both good and bad. But I tip my hat to Edge who is one of the greatest I’ve ever been in the ring with. Adam resides in NC now-sure I’ll run into him down the road. Glad that him & I are in a good place. We came in as friends, & went out that way.”

Shannon Moore – “Yeah my wife told me about Edge turning in his boots last night. I’m Happy that he knows when the ring is a danger. You guys remember that Wrestling is a Biz to us and luxury to you. Edge will do great in his next steps of Life. Thank you Edge for all the bumps and bruises that you put your body through. You where one of the best in the ring. Hopefully some young guys takes notes. Young man does well for himself =makes money=saves money=retires young=lives ever after a good life. Who knows he might get better and make a big return. You never know!!!!!”