Mickie James talks TNA, Edge, & Kurt Angle


James on her match at Lockdown and wrestling with a separated shoulder: “I’m really excited about it. I’m going in there with a separated shoulder and hopefully be able to tough through the match. I’m feeling better every day honestly and trying to get more range of motion back and I definitely hope physically to be 100 percent. I don’t think my shoulder will be 100 percent but luckily it’s my left shoulder and I’m a righty, so that kind of helps.”

James reflects on the tremendous cage match she had with Tara on Impact a few months back: “That match with Tara was the first cage match I’ve ever been in. That was definitely a very scary thing. I don’t think I thought about it beforehand how high the cage actually is and how scary it is. You see the guys do the crazy stuff like that all the time and its like they think nothing of it…..or maybe the same things running through their mind when actually they get up there and they go ‘Oh God, this is really high!’. There definitely is a lot of pressure because it was such an amazing match in itself…..to be able to compete against myself in the same kind of match and going in kind of injured anyways, it’s definitely one of those things that I have to be aware of and be careful of.”

James thoughts on Edge’s retirement due to injury: “He’s really just a genuinely nice guy. I have nothing but the upmost respect for him and what he’s done in this industry and the legacy he has built for himself. Before him, the whole ladders match thing with him and the Hardy’s and that Edge and Christian phase….that was really a raising the bar level on that whole deal and just everything he’s done since then. It’s sad that due to injured he has to retire due to the fact that it has taken a huge toll on his body but at least I think it’s very intelligent of him and it’s a huge pride swallowing thing to recognize the fact that ‘I can’t physically do this, I’m putting my life on the line, it’s not just my body anymore.’. And for him to have to do that and I’m sure its not something that he wanted to do at this moment in time and it was something that we all have to come to terms with, we all can’t wrestle forever…..but I think that he is so talented that there’s many other things that he can do that’s gonna continue to keep him out and about and doing things.”

James on Kurt Angle re-signing with TNA: “I love Kurt. He’s awesome. He’s got so much going for him with the Angle Foods thing and that’s starting to take off and it’s a really cool thing. He has such a name for himself anyways and to be the only male to hold an Olympic gold medal, everything he’s already done……I’m sure he doesn’t have to continue to wrestle but he just loves it so much. He has such a huge passion and love for this business. It’s just amazing. I think we’re very honored to have him as a part of the roster.”

James’ mid-term report card on TNA (with her being on the roster for about six months or so now): “I’m having a blast. It was definitely something that I was still on the fence whether or not I should go or not and what I was going to be able to bring or do that is different than anybody else has already done. It’s been a fun journey, a cool locker room, I’ve made some cool friends and I’ve been able to do some really compelling stuff and raise the bar even for myself. To be able to main event Impact, and do my first cage match, and have a cool storyline with Tara go on to Madison and have a compelling storyline with her as well…..I think it’s really…..brought a different spice to the show. Hopefully, they (TNA) feel the same.”