Kevin Nash Addresses The Scott Hall Situation & More


Kevin Nash appeared on The LAW Sunday night to promote the CWI ‘Brawl at the Bush 2’ event happening next weekend in Brantford, Ontario ( Nash spoke very openly on the show about Scott Hall and his public issues over the last number of months and below are some of the comments Nash made in regards to Hall’s health right now. Nash also mentioned in passing during the interview that he had received an email that Lex Luger is now running the WWE’s Wellness Policy.

“These people will say things like ‘you need to have an intervention’ or someone said ‘you need to take Scott fishing without alcohol’ and no one grasps the severity of what this situation is. This is someone that has been to rehab nine times and probably walked out three to four times. He’s been in and out of hospitals for the last year and a couple of times – in Providence (for a recent independent show) – what happened was Scott took a really bad fall in his house and hurt his hip really badly and of course the promoter said Hall got off the plane in a wheelchair blah, blah, blah. I talked to Scott and Scott said ‘I never miss a shot and I’m going to make this shot’ and I told him he sounded horrible and he said ‘yeah’. Somas are the worst thing for wrestlers and I think they’ve killed more wrestlers than anything. He took some of those and hadn’t taken those in a long time and had a really bad reaction…they put him up there for 72-hours and the thing is Scott has been through so many hospitals, so many psych wards, evaluations and so many rehab centers that Scott knows every catch phrase and he knows exactly what the psychologist wants to hear and we’re all workers – that’s what we are and in 72-hours Scott is gone.

He’s at a place right now where the peaks and valleys are so incredibly high and low and the last week he’s been at a level spot, his health is bad. I think he went in and saw some doctors and he’s not going to walk in and get a gold label of health and when you get news from doctors that your heart isn’t functioning so well, this isn’t functioning well and this isn’t functioning well and to get all that news all in one day he went into a semi bender.

I can’t make Scott Hall want to live, I can’t make Scott Hall want to get better, I can’t make Scott want to repair his relationship with his children, I can’t make any of those things happen and the only one who can is Scott. When and if he does I will be the happiest person on earth. He always knows no matter what, day or night, if he needs me and really needs me or needs anything or anything of me or for him I will be there in an hour and he knows that. I can’t be his therapist, I can’t be his wife, I can’t be his rehabilitation specialist but I can be his friend. I think he needs friends more than he needs people telling him what he has to do or not to do. Lately it’s like the ninth inning, two out, a full count and they’ve walked into the baseball game and sitting in their seat and telling us what’s been going on in the game – I’ve been doing this for 17-years with Scott, you don’t just jump into the game and tell me what he needs to do because you haven’t been here, you haven’t lived it, you haven’t done that and Dana (Hall) has. A lot of people think she’s a crack pot but people forget she has two children with the man, that’s real flesh and blood and Cassidy and Cody are great kids and they deserve better but at the same time Scott – people think Scott’s problem is he likes to get drunk and likes to take drugs and he’s an addict and he’s not – he has post traumatic stress and had several incredibly horrible incidents happen in his early youth going on to his adolescence and early adulthood and he has had things happen to him that he cannot get through.

When you are trying to numb a memory that’s when you have a problem and you’re trying to forget something – that’s a problem. He’s not out being a rock star, he’s making things in his mind go away because he cannot shut it off and does it for days at a time and then when he does think about it he realizes the problem is still there.”