‘Road Dogg’ Talks R-Truth’s Push, HHH’s Influence, Chyna & More


“Road Dogg” Jesse James was recently on Busted Open with hosts Doug Mortman and Dave LaGreca, which airs Mondays and Wednesdays from 2-4 PM ET on Sirius 92 and XM 207. Here are some highlights:

R-Truth’s current push: “If you ask me, the WWE is about ten years too late. They had this guy ten or twelve years ago. I actually kind of recruited him to be my tag team partner cause Billy (Gunn) had just blown his shoulder out and was gonna have surgery and he was gonna be out for a year. I saw Ron Killings perform in Memphis when I was on break from WWF at the time and I saw him perform and I just thought ‘Man, this guy is great’. I saw something in him… and the next thing I know, we were tagging together.

“I know they switched it up a little bit and turned him heel and it’s working for him man, so I say you work it girl… he’s doing great. I don’t follow the show as closely as I probably should, but I do turn over when I hear my brothers reffing or Ronnie Killings is on. I love to watch him work, he’s a great athlete, he looks great, he’s a great guy and I love him. Nothing but love for Ronnie Killings.”

Triple H’s role within in WWE: “He’s a really level headed guy, he’s not very emotional, he’s not going to let his emotions rue the day whether he hired somebody because he doesn’t like them. If somebody is talented, they’re going to get an opportunity and that’s how he is. And I think he’s always kind of had a knack to get over. Even if it was being attached to somebody that was gonna get over, bringing a faction together that was gonna get over. He always knew what to do from very young in his career. He knew who to get with, who to hang out with, and what to say and what to do. As far as a skill set to be in that position he definitely has that.

“Now that’s not saying that he didn’t marry the boss’s daughter and that all helped him along the way. I’m not saying that he got married because of the gig. I’m saying that that may have helped him achieve the ultimate goal of getting where he is now. One day, him and Steph are going to run that company, and that’s just the bottom line. Vince always held things tight to his vest and handled things himself, and I think Hunter and Stephanie will do the same thing in the future. I think the right guy is in the right spot, and I think he’ll continue to make good decisions as far as making WWE profitable.”

On Chyna: “To be quite honest with you, and I’m sure steroids are no secret in this business. I’m sure that she was probably on some steroids because she was a monster. I saw her train and it was just incredible to watch her and see how she grew and everything. I haven’t spoken to her in a long time. I know she’s had her own demons that she’s dealt with and so I hope she’s doing well. I didn’t see her on TV when she was on there. Billy (Gunn) talked to her when he was down there in Orlando when they filmed that TV and he said she’s doing really well.

“She was a great girl. She was really one of the guys without trying to saying anything, everybody always ribbed her about being a guy. She wasn’t a guy, she was a girl. She definitely had the attitude and camaraderie. She had a great sense of humor, she was funny. I’m sure she still is, but we all become someone other than ourselves when we use drugs and use too much alcohol. Before that all happened to her, I think the wrestling world brought it out in her because she wasn’t like that at first. She wasn’t eccentric at all. She wasn’t like that. She was really level headed and fun to be around and so I hope she’s doing well now.”