Tons More Talents Tweet On CM Punk’s RAW Promo


Numerous people have commented on the CM Punk promo on RAW:

Seth Rollins: “Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. @cmpunk holy f***. One more shout out to @cmpunk. I’ve always drawn comparisons to him, which is very flattering, but we are our own men. I’ll have my time, but right now is his. Very excited for the future.”

Kurt Angle: “CM Punk had classic promo last night. Good for Him. But if U ever say another word about Me again, Ur toast! If U don’t believe Me, try Me!”

Tommy Dreamer: “Just watched @cmpunk promo. FN GREAT. WWE has everyone talking. Could actually create their own competition. Kudos 2 Punk & VKM b different”

Zach Gowen: “WWE shoulda gave @CMPunk the ball a long time ago. Dude connects with people on a whole other level. Mad love for punk. Outta this world.”

Shane Helms: “And @CMPunk took his own “Rocket to the Moon” tonight!! I’m gonna have a drink in his honor! A big glass of Pepsi! :-)”

Batista: “well im embarrassed to say that i seem to be the only loser in the world that didn’t see the cmpunk promo!! so my goal of the day is to see it. i was watching Pawn Stars. love me some Chumley!! heard he raised HELL though!!! i have house envy because of Punk by the way!”

Blue Meanie: “Just saw the @CMPunk end of RAW on YT. TREMENDOUS! Punks is 1 of the best on the mic. Congrats to #ColtCabana and #ROH for the shoutouts! WWE should let Punk go back to ROH with the WWE to play up the “I left” angle and eventually come back. WWE could give ROH a rub as a shot TNA as they did with ECW vs. WCW. They could do a “state of the WWE belt” and show Punk on ROH shows with the belt. There’s so many cool things they could do. Not only for the storyline but also help a ROH get some good pub. Wrestling needs more companies to make it.”

Shad Gaspard: “@CMPunk God DAMN I love you brotha!”

Trish Stratus: “Sorry @joeystyles but @cmpunk on #Raw…OMG! What did y’all think of that?”

Maria Kanellis: “After seeing the events of today. I have to say some people are THE BEST IN THE WORLD….;)”

MVP: “My verdict after watching the @CMPunk promo, he just had his Austin 3:16 moment. Don’t f**k this one up @wwe.
DEEP SOUTH WRESTLING Heyman: Hey man, let’s take a walk outside. ME: sure. Conversation ensues. 2 weeks later shoot promo on creative team. 2 more weeks pass, MVP gets called up & does his 1st vignette. YES! I too, am a Heyman guy!”

JBL: “CM Punk’s promo-shoot or work? Who cares? When you are so good that you can put that doubt in viewers minds you have done your job very well”

JBL Via his Facebook: “I haven’t watched a wrestling program since well before I left WWE 2+ years ago. Heard about CM Punk’s promo and watched it this morning-WOW! That was awesome, as good as I have ever seen. I worked with CM when he first became champ-really enjoyed it and really happy to see what a stud he has become. When you can put doubt as to whether shoot or work-you have done your job very well!”

Shawn Michaels: “Gettin ready 2 head home. 2 words 4 @CMPunk- thata boy. Felt like old times. Anywho, back 2 my normal life, tweet u on touchdown:-)”

Chavo Guerrero: “Did u see @CmPunk promo last night? WOW! If all those things are being said by a guy being used…think how I feel! Good Job Punk! Work or shoot, @CmPunk ‘s promo was true. I know Punk & half if not all of that promo was off the cuff. Cm Punk has always done things his Way, and for that I admire him. Kudos Punker! :)”

Bill DeMott: “CMPUNK put the lockerroom on notice…you better be #willing to step up! Things just got very real.who is #willing to take a chance?”

Taz: “Punk did a great job & I always liked him when we were in wwe together and his work! But I must say There r many of us who were NEVER pushed to the level Punk was & were NEVER allowed to shoot like that, he’s lucky he was allowed to do that But it was very strong & real!! I liked a lot! Good stuff Punk!”